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I'm a Master's student in Sociology, studying at the University of Victoria.

The Once and Future King – Tier 3

I just added The Once and Future King to my Best Novels List, slotting it into Tier 3  – Especially Excellent. (Technically it’s a 5-book series, but I listed it as one item anyways.)

I loved Merlin’s humourous, playful philosophy; Arthur’s sincerity and determination; Lancelot’s courage and tragedy.

The book is especially effective when it’s read with the awareness that it was written in the middle of World War II, what with King Arthur’s efforts to do away with “might is right” and Merlin’s work to explore the meaning of war.

I actually “read” the book as an audiobook through Audible, and the reader was excellent. I highly recommend it.

Funny Things About My Kids – Victor’s Distractability

It’s both cute and annoying how distractable Victor is. If I’m in the same room while he’s nursing, he looks up every 15 seconds or so to check on me and see what I’m doing. He waits to get eye contact from me and then breaks into a smile.

I don’t remember Calvin doing that while he was nursing at all, so I find it very cute from Victor, but Larissa doesn’t seem to appreciate the disruptions all that much…

The Fourth Time I Was on TV

Last week I was invited by a friend to join him at a Canucks vs. Oilers game here in Edmonton. He’d been given some tickets by his work, and they were supposedly “pretty good” seats. Of course I was excited to accept.

So we arrived at the game on Wednesday just as the puck dropped, and wandered down to our seats… Which turned out to be in the third row, right on the goal line. Seats don’t get much better than that! My friend’s company owns some awesome season tickets.

The game itself was a lot of fun, and the Canucks ended up winning 5-4, with a disallowed Oilers goal right at the end of the game to draw out the excitement.

Since I was wearing a Canucks jersey and my friend was in an Oilers jersey, I figured we’d be a good bet to show up in a crowd shot at some point during the game. Sure enough, I wound up on-screen shaking my head after an Oilers goal.

It was a lot of fun all around!

(FYI, out of the other three times I’ve been on TV, that I can remember, two more were hockey-related, and one was… nunchuk-related, actually. But that’s another story!)

The Great Timothini?

I’ve been exploring magic as a hobby for about two and a half years now, though not especially seriously for most of that time. It began as a way to see how hard it was to learn basic sleight of hand (making something disappear and reappear to impress little kids), and at this point I’ve got a pretty long list of card tricks, half a dozen tricks I can do with my wedding ring, and a few other effects. I recently created a spreadsheet to help me keep track of the different tricks I know!

It’s gotten to the point where I’m asking myself why I’m doing this and where it’s going. Do I just want to pull out an occasional magic trick for friends and family, or am I after something more?

I don’t know that “professional magician” is a target for me. Definitely not right now. But am I open to taking magic as far as I took writing a few years ago, spending a part of my time doing it and making a bit of spending money on the side?

I’m not sure, and I’m not at the point yet where I need to make that type of decision, but it’s kind of fun (and kind of terrifying) to think about.

Almost as terrifying as this weird thing my wedding ring has started doing…