NHL Playoffs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The NHL playoffs start tomorrow, and I can’t wait for this baby to pop out so I can change its diapers instead of watching the games.

Here are my predictions for the results of the first round matchups.

1) NYR vs. 8 ) OTT — Rangers in 7
2) BOS vs. 7) WSH — Bruins in 5
3) FLA vs. 6) NJ — Devils in 6
4) PIT vs. 5) PHI — Penguins in 6

1) VAN vs. 8 ) LA — Canucks in 6
2) STL vs. 7) SJ — Blues in 5
3) PHX vs. 6) CHI — Coyotes in 7
4) NSH vs. 5) DET — Red Wings in 6

All of that said, here are the teams I would prefer to see win:

New Jersey
St. Louis


I can’t wait to see how it all plays out! Hopefully baby will enjoy sitting on the couch and watching with me. :)

2 thoughts on “NHL Playoffs”

    1. They’ve been my third-favourite team for a couple of years now. It’ll be interesting to see if/where they have to move the franchise!

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