What If Our Baby Grows Up To Be Prime Minister?

Personally, I find politics very frustrating and unappealing. Don’t get me wrong: I think politicians are important people, and we need to have good people out there who aspire to be great politicians. For myself, though, I find the partisanship, hostility, and negative campaigning tactics really exhausting.

But if our baby decides to go into politics, then I’m going to do everything I can to help him be a good politician and to become Prime Minister! Because if our baby grows up to be Prime Minister, I’ll probably get to meet lots of famous people, and that’s always fun.

I’ll help our baby run straightforward election campaigns and never stoop to smearing his opponents or trying to dig up their personal histories to make them look bad, like all the other politicians out there do. I’ll advise our Prime Minister baby to do what he knows is good and right, regardless of the public outcry.

Then I’ll get him to declare my birthday a national holiday, of course. Hooray!

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