Yesterday in Food

Yesterday was a good day for food. I didn’t actually prepare any of this food myself, but I still wanted to share it, because it really topped off the weekend.

Larissa and I started our Monday with waffles. We received a waffle iron as a wedding gift, and have been putting it to good use. When I was a kid, we used to have waffles every Saturday morning, and that’s a tradition I’d like to carry on some day. Larissa made a double batch and we put the leftovers in the freezer.

Larissa topped her waffles with vanilla pudding, strawberry jam, and peaches.

Later that afternoon, my sister Lisa came over for a visit. She and my other younger sister, Catherine, have both just moved to Victoria for the start of the new school year. Lisa is attending UVic, and Catherine is doing a program at the Canadian College of Performing Arts.

Apple-and-rhubarb crisp!

We welcomed Lisa with some apple-and-rhubarb crisp and ice cream. I don’t know if there’s a better combo out there than apple and rhubarb. Maybe chocolate and peanut butter, but it’s a close race.

There’s some crisp left in the fridge, but I’m exercising all of my willpower so it’ll still be there when Larissa gets home from work.

That evening we were watching Season 2 of 30 Rock, a show I recently introduced Larissa to, and some of the characters were eating pizza. We’d been talking about having a pizza night for almost a week, and the temptation became too much for us, so we looked up the deals at Dominos and ordered some delivery. Most of it is waiting in the fridge for tonight, and probably for the next day’s lunch, as well. I didn’t take a picture, because pizza is pizza, but… Pizza!

I love leftovers, and we have lots of them right now, so I’m looking forward to revisiting yesterday’s food over the course of tonight and tomorrow. Leftover pizza is especially awesome.

In my life outside of food, I’m making some progress on various projects. My novel is sitting at about 21,000 words right now, and I just received some more feedback on my thesis, so I’ll be doing a few more revisions before I can submit it and schedule my defense. I also have some more short story ideas to work out.

Also, if you follow you’ll know that this week is a “Special Guest” week, so I’ve been lining those stories up while I prepare to put in the print order on the Volume Two book and the 50-word story t-shirts. If you’re interested in buying your own book or shirt, head over to the store and get your order in or let me know through some other form of message. A comment, a Facebook message, or even a tweet will do! I’ll be printing extras beyond the preorder numbers, but if you want to guarantee availability it’s best that you preorder. Thanks!

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