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There Are Two Reasons to go to Edmonton

Larissa and I travelled to Edmonton a couple of weeks ago to visit my brother, who is attending school there, as well as a few other friends who have become Albertans. We drove the Highway 5 route, and did the trip in a single day each way. That was a little over 11 hours of driving from Larissa’s parents’ place in Langley to Edmonton. On the way back, it was 11 hours to Langley plus an hour to the ferries, 90 minutes on the ferry, and another half hour to get home afterwards. Long days!

The trip was a lot of fun, though, even when it was exhausting. Aside from spending time with my brother and our friends, we made sure to visit the only two landmarks I consider important to Edmonton, the first being West Edmonton Mall and the second being the statue of Wayne Gretzky at Rexall Place (where the Oilers play). We didn’t do anything very exciting at the mall, other than watch a cute sea lion show, and I was actually kind of disappointed with the statue; it has a really goofy expression on its face that you can’t really see when you’re looking at pictures or video of it. But still, now I’ve seen it, so that’s something.

Trip to Edmonton = Success

I don’t think we’ll be making that drive again any time soon, but we’re glad we were able to go, and it gave Baby a first within-the-womb travel memory. (That’s how that works, right?)

Canucks Trade for Booth

If you’re a Canucks fan, you’ve probably heard about the trade Mike Gillis pulled off today with Vancouver’s favourite trading partner, the Florida Panthers. Here’s a breakdown of the trade, and my thoughts on it. (If you aren’t a hockey fan, feel free to ignore this post! You won’t hurt my feelings.)

Vancouver receives

David Booth
Steven Reinprecht
2013 third-round draft pick

Florida receives

Mikael Samuelsson
Marco Sturm


The question that always gets asked after a trade is, “Which team won?” In this deal, I think both teams have reason to feel that they’ve gotten what they wanted and paid a fair price for it. If I had to give an edge to one team, I’d say the Canucks are the slight winners, but that will depend on how David Booth plays over the next year or three.

Read on for more details of what each team gets out of the trade.

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What If Our Baby Becomes a Master Chef?

Larissa and I are really excited to become parents, and, Lord willing, we will be, come early April 2012. As a way to celebrate our anticipation, I’m going to write a series of blog posts about who our first child might become. We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl, so I’m going to alternate between posts.

What if our baby grows up to be a master chef?

As our budding restaurateur familiarizes herself with our kitchen, it’s likely there will be a few cuts and a burn or two. We’d better make sure to keep some bandaids and balms handy, just in case. And I expect it will be important to practice suppressing our gag reflexes for the inevitable disastrous flavour combos we’ll have to endure as the primary guinea pigs for our daughter’s culinary experimentation.

Think of the payoff, though! I can’t wait to get free meals at our little girl’s fancy restaurant, and see the looks on all the other guests’ faces as they enjoy their food. We’ll be so proud, and we’ll tell everyone we know to go and try our daughter’s signature dish, whatever that turns out to be.

It will be really awesome if our baby grows up to be a master chef. I can’t wait to watch it happen!