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Year of Stories – Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of the Year of Stories!

Free this week is Jary’s Got a Gun, a 3,500-word comedy about a man who finds “the last gun on earth.” Read it now! You can also buy it for 99¢ in the Store.

On the morning Jary Tomlin finds the world’s last remaining gun, he and his wife are having an argument in the kitchen. They’re being evicted, and Jary can’t imagine how life could possibly get much worse. Then he accidentally knocks a hole in the wall of the garage, and “worse” is exactly what he finds hidden inside.

The highlighted Store release for this week is Two Minutes to Midnight, an 1,800-word sci-fi drama. Read it now for only $0.99!

The expansion wars have changed things. Gell Miller sees it everywhere he looks. As a bartender, he always tries to avoid stepping on the toes of any hostile alien visitors. But not all of his customers are so careful…

To read previously released stories, check out the Year of Stories page.

Losing Freight Update

My series Losing Freight has been rolling along. We just hit the end of Week 5, and the action is really heating up!

Losing Freight is really unique because there’s a poll at the end of every page where you can vote on choices that affect the story. It’s been a lot of fun to have people voting along!

New pages of the story go up each weekday at 5 PM PST, and polls remain open until noon PST the next day.

If you haven’t been reading, here’s a bit of a recap of what’s happened so far to get you caught up.

Week 1: We’re introduced to Tic Bolter, owner of a one-man shipping business called Bolter Freightage. In his ship, the Galactic Pelican (name chosen by reader poll), he travels from planet to planet delivering various goods and getting himself in trouble. We also meet Lady Libden, a retired opera singer and one of his clients. We learn that Tic has lost something he was supposed to deliver to Libden, an action figure (as chosen by reader poll).

Week 2: Tic brings on a passenger, Milly Leon, to earn a bit of extra money. It turns out she’s looking for a little more than a ride: she may be trailing some trouble in her wake. But she’s also worth a lot of money, so Tic fires up the Origami Engine (named by reader poll) and makes designs on that cash…

Week 3: Tic gives Milly a “Saucy Wench” to drink (named by reader poll), and Milly explains the “quest” she’s on, searching for her parents, two space-time engineers (as chosen by reader poll) who disappeared many years ago.

Week 4: Tic and Milly arrive on Haddock, where Milly wants to look for her parents. Hoping he doesn’t run in to any of the goons who work for Mr. Dunter, the client who sold the action figure Tic lost during delivery, Tic brings Milly to a pawn shop (where a reader poll sent them). Of course there’s trouble!

Week 5: Tic’s friend Haglyn helps Tic and Milly recover from their ordeal, which in Tic’s case involves drinking some Saucy Wenches, but Milly isn’t ready to sit back and think things over: she heads out to get some good snooping done! She pretends to be one of Mr. Dunter’s secret admirers (a plan voted into action by readers), then runs off once she’s inside Dunter’s building to look for clues. The last thing Tic hears over his PAI (his futuristic smart phone equivalent) is the sound of her getting caught.

What happened to Milly, and what is Tic going to do next? Check in on Monday at 5 PM to get some answers! I hope you read (and vote) along. There’s plenty more excitement to come, and lots more polls to vote in!


Do you prefer to hold books in your hands and see them on your shelf, rather than reading them off a screen? I know I do!

Now’s your chance to do exactly that with my newest print offering, DISCOVERY. This is the first quarterly Year of Stories print collection. It contains 13 stories and is about 200 pages long. Here’s the blurb from the Store page:

The first three months of Tim Sevenhuysen’s Year of Stories project are packed with real human characters making their way through fantastic challenges and strange worlds. From outer space to the high seas, from the far reaches of the future to an ancient kingdom torn by war, your journey will carry you to places of wonder and terror, hope and heartache, victory and defeat.

DISCOVERY contains 13 short stories, notably including Diana and the AnimalA Kingdom of WhiteDarla, Dragon Hunter, and Unsettled, as released on between January and March 2012.

You can preorder your very own copy of DISCOVERY right now for $11.99. The proof is in the mail on its way to me right now, and I hope to officially release the book and start shipping people’s orders by mid-March.

If you’ve been looking for a good way to contribute to the Grocery Fund, maybe this is the right option for you!

If you live in Victoria (or will be in Victoria at some point) and would prefer not to pay shipping, send me an email and let me know you’d like a copy, and we can work out arrangements for how to get the book in your hands. (That goes for friends and family, too!)

The number of preorders I get will affect how many I have printed in the first run, so please place your order sooner rather than later and help me save on the shipping. Thanks!