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BECOMING Now Shipping

I received a package in the mail today, and lo and behold, it contained 20 copies of my new book, BECOMING!

I’ll be shipping those out to everyone who’s ordered one over the next few days. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, get on it! They’re only $11.99 in my Store, and if you get BECOMING along with its predecessor, DISCOVERY, you can save a lot on the combined shipping.

Between BECOMING, various Special People projects, the nearly-finished Losing Freight, and the novel I’m still hoping to finish soon, this is turning into a really big summer!

Weekend Away

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a podcast for this week, when by the normal schedule there should have been one up yesterday. I apologize for that, and I intend to make up for it next week. The explanation is that I’m visiting with family for the weekend, and didn’t have time on Friday to do the podcast before leaving home. I suggested on Twitter that I might still be able to do so, but obviously that was wishful thinking…

Larissa, Calvin, and I are enjoying our time away, though, and I’ll be sure to share not only a podcast soon, but also some pictures and maybe even videos of how we’ve been spending our time lately.

Year of Stories – Week 26

Week 26 of the Year of Stories signals the end of Quarter 2. I’ve now accomplished six months’ worth of one short story per week, and I think that’s pretty special. Capping off these six months is The Castle of the Grand King, starring new action adventure hero Meghan Maloney. Here’s a synopsis:

There is an ancient castle hidden in the heart of South America. Once it was the seat of a glorious empire, housing the throne of the Grand King. Now it is a forgotten ruin. At least one archaeologist thinks it’s still worth exploring, and he’s begun to unearth strange stories, local legends of a mystical machine that turned rocks to bread and water to wine… “Ancient silliness”, according to some. But when the expedition goes silent, Meghan Maloney sees an opportunity to get in on the action and maybe even land herself in the history books. She just hopes no one else has had the same idea.

Read it now.

And as a reminder, this will be the last story posted for a while, as I take a hiatus from the Year of Stories.

Year of Stories, Quarter 2: Becoming

It’s always a fantastic feeling when I can release something I’ve written “into the wild” and give people the opportunity to hold it in their hands, read it, and, hopefully, enjoy it.

Today I’m so excited to announce the opening of preorders of the second Year of Stories collection, BECOMING. Like DISCOVERY before it, this book contains three months’ worth of short stories, 15 in total this time, making up around 195 pages of adventure, exploration, danger, decisions, and learning moments, hopefully not only for the characters but for you, the reader, as well.

You can grab yourself a copy of the book from my online Store right now for just $11.99 plus shipping, or let me know on Facebook or by some other means if you’d like to buy one from me in person. I’m hoping to have orders begin to ship by the end of June.


In related news, I announced in my most recent podcast that I will be taking a bit of break from the Year of Stories project to focus my efforts on continuing Special People, wrapping up Losing Freight, and hopefully finishing the novel I’ve been working on off and on for the past six months. This doesn’t mean that BECOMING will be last you see of the Year of Stories, but it does mean that Quarter 3 will probably be pushed back a few months, and may be presented in a slightly different format when I pick it up again. As always, watch this space and listen to my podcast for further news on this front.

Year of Stories – Week 25

It’s week 25 of the Year of Stories, so you all get to read what I think is one of the better entries in the series so far, This Wretched Dog. It’s a classical science fiction tragedy, in the tradition of Frankenstein (though of course I would never claim to match that level of greatness). Here’s a synopsis:

It all started with this wretched dog. My wife put the thought into the children’s heads, though she claims they picked up the idea elsewhere. I should have been firmer. I should have ignored their bleating and whimpering. But I succumbed, I gave in to my sympathy. Now look what has become of me.

Read it now.

Year of Stories – Week 24

For week 24 of the Year of Stories, you’re getting treated to an offbeat ninja adventure, Council-Approved.

Kashi is in training, learning everything he can from his ninja mentor, Toru. He hopes to apply soon to become an official, council-approved ninja, part of an elite society, but before he gets there he has to survive his next practice mission. Supposedly this one’s going to be a lot more challenging than the past few cakewalks.

Read it now.

Year of Stories – Week 23

It’s week 23 of the Year of Stories, and we’re entering the sixth month. By the end of June, I will have written and shared a short story every single week for half a year. I call that an accomplishment!

I’m still working on putting together the final June story, so the month’s ebook will go up in the Store later this week.

For now, enjoy the Week 23 story, No Work, No Money, No Food.

Alina’s Pa is out with a posse, tracking down an outlaw, but that’s nothing’ to worry about, even if Ma seems to think it is. Pa can take care of himself, and Alina can, too. She’s big for her age, Pa says, and she’s got strong hands, maybe even strong enough to use Pa’s rifle…

Read it now.