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Year of Stories – Week 22

This week marks the return of one of my favourite Year of Stories characters so far, Captain Blackbird the fearsome pirate!

Captain Blackbird returns, with an all-new crew ready to do his bidding in the quest for treasure and adventure. But the Captain has to whip these landlubbers into adventuring shape before adventuring finds them, first!

Read the story now!

Year of Stories – Week 21

Check out this week’s free short story, We Dragons.

Mel Yung is a hero of humanity, responsible for the discovery and exploration of three human-habitable planets. When a young, enthusiastic explorer gets a chance to go with Yung to explore planet Glyna, he sees it as the opportunity of a lifetime. But he has no idea what they’re really about to discover…

This story has previously been published by Ray Gun Revival.


Year of Stories – Week 20 part 3

The evil Thar! Plush creatures by Tally Heilke.

Leon the dragon adventures wrap up, for this week, in his third story.

While Leon the dragon and his mother are on their way to visit some friends, an evil monster appears. Does anyone have a chance to stop him? It’s a good thing Leon has been making so many friends!

Read the story, and remember to check out Tally Heilke’s Etsy store to get your hands on hand-crafted versions of the characters!

Year of Stories – Week 20 part 2

Leon the dragon returns today, in his second story.

Leon is a happy little fire-breathing dragon, but there’s so much about the world that he doesn’t know. When he makes a new friend, he learns that the world is much bigger than he ever thought, and it’s filled with all kinds of interesting people!

Read the story, and remember to check out Tally Heilke’s Etsy store to get your hands on hand-crafted versions of the characters!

Year of Stories – Week 20

This week you get three free short stories instead of just one! They all centre around the same character; meet Leon the dragon.

A dragon and a mudge! Made by Tally Heilke.

My friend Tally Heilke has put together some awesome hand-crafted plush figurines based on some of the characters in these stories, and they’re available through her Etsy store, so check them out!

Here’s the blurb for the first story in the series, Leon Meets a Mudge:

It’s almost Leon the Dragon’s birthday, when he will get to show everyone what colour fire he breathes! There’s just one problem: he doesn’t know how to breathe fire yet…

Read it now.

Name a Necromancer (and His Dog!)

Coming up with character names can be a lot of fun, but sometimes I’m juggling so many different characters from so many different stories that I just can’t come up with anything appropriate on my own!

Luckily, that’s where you guys come in.

I recently wrote a short story that will be part of the Year of Stories in June. It’s about a sort of Industrial Age necromancer, a suburban Dr. Frankenstein, if you will. I see him as an antihero that I can get some decent mileage out of. I want him to have a good, solid name, and I think you are just the person to give it to him.

Sound like fun? Head over to the Store and snap up the character naming rights before someone else does! As an added bonus, you’ll also get the chance to name the character’s little pet dog. The cost for these naming rights is $10.

Happy brainstorming!

Year of Stories – Week 19

Check out this week’s free short story, Adaptations.

An apocalypse has ravaged the planet, dousing the world in deadly radiation. But nature has a way of rolling with the punches, and humans are pretty resilient, themselves, when they have to be. Certain species of worms have turned out to absorb radiation while they’re passing through the intestines, and a new industry has grown up around the incredible creatures. Now Boss Osman and his crew have taken to breeding the grubs in illegal labs and exporting their crop to the desert. They’re going to be rich! What could possibly go wrong?

Thank you to everyone who watched me live-write the first draft of this story, and who provided feedback and suggestions throughout that process.