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Announcing: Special People

This week I am launching Special People, which is a fiction project about people with special powers and abilities. The stories are action-oriented, humourous, and, hopefully, unique!

The concept behind Special People lies somewhere in between a serialized novel, a text-only comic book series, and a long-form world-building exercise. The goal is to post weekly updates that tell interconnecting stories within a common setting. So far the site is seeded with two short standalone, or “single,” chapters, as well as the six chapters of a longer story called Hands-On that you may have already read if you bought Feel-Good.

The main thing I have to hammer out at this point is my update schedule. Right now I’m planning to post new chapters every Wednesday, and occasionally on Mondays or Fridays, as well.

I hope you enjoy what’s there, and check back on Wednesday for the first chapter from a new story arc called King of the Dark.

The League of Married Gentlemen: More Data Needed

Ever since I got married on April 30 and first put on my wedding ring, thereby joining the prestigious League of Married Gentlemen, I’ve been diligently watching and waiting for my new powers to manifest themselves. As noted in this previous post, so far there’s been nothing doing.

Ring powers: go!
I joined the League of Married Gentlemen. But where are my Ring Powers!?

I’ve realized I’m probably going to have to pay closer attention. Maybe my ring’s powers are more subtle than I had expected. So I’ve begun cataloguing relevant events and experiences. Hopefully this data will provide me with clues that will help me unravel the mystery of my as yet unknown abilities.

So far, I’m pretty sure that my skin hasn’t developed any added toughness. I haven’t noticed any improved healing speed, either. One or both of those would have been great, but c’est la vie.

Today I gathered some strong evidence that my wrist strength and agility haven’t been positively affected. I played a couple of sets of tennis with my brother, Jordan, and he defeated me handily, with scores of 6-1, 6-3. That’s hardly conclusive, but it is suggestive. I think I’ll focus my attention elsewhere for now.

I’ll keep you posted as new patterns emerge. I’m going to solve this thing.