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The Fuzzy Bear and the Buzzy Bee

I wrote Larissa a story over Facebook chat. Naturally, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world. It is such a happy little tale!

The Fuzzy Bear and the Buzzy Bee

Once upon a time a fuzzy bear was balancing on a tight rope, and a buzzy bee was watching him.

The buzzy bee said, “That is so silly, you silly bear! What good is it to balance when you can fly?”

“But I can’t fly,” said the fuzzy bear. “I don’t have wings, like you. I only have fuzzy hair, so balancing on this tight rope is the best I can do.”

“Well I feel very sorry for you,” said the buzzy bee, and he flew in a triple upside-down loop-around pattern to show that he meant it.

The fuzzy bear was so impressed with how good the buzzy bee was at flying that he clapped his hands in delight, but the movement made him lose his balance and he tumbled to the ground, PLOMP!

“Oh no!” said the buzzy bee. “That was all my fault. Now I am even more extra sorry!”

“It’s okay,” said the fuzzy bear. “I am so fuzzy and so roly-poly that I hardly felt it all.”

“That must be nice,” said the buzzy bee. “When I fall down it always hurts a lot! That’s why I fly all the time. I’m scared of the ground!”

“You must get very tired if you have to fly so much and never touch the ground.”

“Yes, I do, but I would rather be tired from flying than be sore from landing on the hard ground and hurting myself.”

“I know!” said the fuzzy bear. “If you need a rest, why don’t you land on top of my fuzzy head? I am very soft, and it won’t hurt you at all.”

“Okay!” agreed the buzzy bee. It carefully, gently, slowly buzzed down to where the fuzzy bear was sitting and landed on the bear’s head. “Aaaahh… It is so nice to have a rest,” it said.

The fuzzy bear was so soft that the buzzy bee fell right to sleep. Not wanting to disturb the bee, the fuzzy bear decided to have a nap, too. After all, he could practice on his tight rope any time he wanted, but it wasn’t every day that he got a chance to make a new friend.