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YoS Week 2 – Burns Mar the Sun-Grasper’s Hands

A new short story every Monday of 2012.Welcome to the Year of Stories, Week 2!

You can now read Diana and the Animal for free. If you enjoy it, please leave a comment, and consider buying it in the Store or tipping.

Week 3’s offering, Burns Mars the Sun-Grasper’s Hands, is a 1,700-word slipstream story, and is now available in the Store. Here’s the synopsis:

The gym where Mia works has plenty of regulars, but none as intriguing as “Louisa,” a mysterious elderly Cajun woman with physical strength that belies her age and appearance. When Louisa rushes out of the gym one day, accidentally leaving a leather glove behind, Mia is presented with an opportunity to delve into Louisa’s secrets.

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