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Pasta and Chicken in White Wine and a Cheese Sauce

Pasta with chicken and cheese sauce.

I made pasta for dinner last night. I was sort of improvising, so there are a few things I would have done differently, in retrospect, but it still turned out tasting pretty good.

I began by preparing some chicken thighs in a sauce pan with some white wine. When the chicken was done, I added chopped up tomato and lots of grated cheddar cheese, to combine with the wine and thicken into a cheese sauce. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning, and served it all over spaghetti noodles.

What I should have done is taken the chicken out when it was done, and chopped it up, then prepped the sauce over low heat and reintroduced the chicken for a couple of minutes when the sauce was ready.

My friend Andrew Metcalfe suggested I make a roux next time. That would probably work a lot better, too. I’m thinking if I prepped a roux, then added it to the remaining white wine after the chicken was out, and added the cheese after all of that had been combined, it would have made a better sauce, and I could control the amount of sauce a lot better, too.

Also, I’m not sure Italian seasoning was the best choice. I’m a total newbie with spices and seasonings. Someone needs to give me a course or something.

Kraft Dinner: Variations on a Theme

Tonight I ate some alfredo-sauce Kraft Dinner. It was just KD, but the noodles were shaped slightly differently, and instead of the normal orange cheese powder, the powder was white and turned into alfredo sauce.

I thought it was pretty good. It tasted like cheap alfredo. My expectations were met. Would eat again, though not too frequently.

I’ve noticed that there are other strange variations on Kraft Dinner floating around, too. What’s the craziest one you’ve seen? What’s the most delicious?