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Year of Stories – Week 20 part 2

Leon the dragon returns today, in his second story.

Leon is a happy little fire-breathing dragon, but there’s so much about the world that he doesn’t know. When he makes a new friend, he learns that the world is much bigger than he ever thought, and it’s filled with all kinds of interesting people!

Read the story, and remember to check out Tally Heilke’s Etsy store to get your hands on hand-crafted versions of the characters!

Year of Stories – Week 15

Welcome to week 15 of the Year of Stories!

Free this week is Jef and the Sad Sack, a 5,300-word sci-fi children’s story. Read it now! You can also buy it for 99¢ in the Store.

There is a boy who lives in an attic. His name, when he bothers to remember it, is Jef. No one ever comes to visit Jef except the man at the trapdoor, until one day a spaceship crashes into Jef’s attic and whisks him away on a fantastic adventure!

The highlighted Store release for this week is The Valley, a 3,500-word sci-fi/fantasy crossover. Read it now for only $0.99!

In a laboratory somewhere on Earth, a vast scientific project is about to bear fruit. Meanwhile, somewhere else entirely, a girl pleads with an old mystic named Kolio to save her mother’s life, or, failing that, at least her soul. In the valley of the lifewater, two worlds collide…

To read previously released stories, check out the Year of Stories page.