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February Year of Stories Collection Now Available

I’m a little bit late in getting this out there, but you can now get your hands on the full February collection of the Year of Stories for just $2.99, which is 25% cheaper than buying each story individually, plus you get to read them all sooner!

The four February stories are as follows:

Darla, Dragon Hunter
My “friends” think I’m a paralegal. I amuse myself sometimes by wondering what they would say if they found out that a couple of times a month I exchange my pantsuit for camo gear and a high-tech sniper rifle and hunt dragons. They’d probably think I was joking. Fine by me.

Escape Velocity
I thought stasis would be like sleeping. I thought I’d simply close my eyes on Earth and when I opened them I’d be a hundred light-years away, with no memory of the intervening time or the immense distance I had travelled. I thought stasis would be an escape, but I’ve spent the absent infinity of our voyage through space exploring the inside of my own head, reliving every one of those moments, those days, those joys, those sorrows.

Captain Blackbird and the Mutineers
It’s a beautiful day to be a pirate, as far as Captain Blackbird is concerned, but it seems his crew feels differently. They’re sick of getting scurvy and going weeks without finding any treasure! When they take a stand and threaten mutiny, Captain Blackbird knows there’s only one solution: it’s time to go hunting for treasure in the treacherous caves of Gorgon Isle!

Jary’s Got a Gun
On the morning Jary Tomlin finds the world’s last remaining gun, he and his wife are having an argument in the kitchen. They’re being evicted, and Jary can’t imagine how life could possibly get much worse. Then he accidentally knocks a hole in the wall of the garage, and “worse” is exactly what he finds hidden inside.


YoS January Collection and Single Stories in the Kindle Store

I’ve been writing like a madman over the past several weeks, and really stocking up the backlogs on my various projects, including the Year of Stories. So I figured, if I have the stories ready this far in advance, why not make them available for purchase this much sooner, too?

To that end, I’ve assembled the first Year of Stories monthly collection and posted it to the Kindle Store and the TScom Store for only $2.99. Buying all of the five stories separately, you’d pay almost $5, so with this collection you’re basically getting 40% off!

The month of January contains five Mondays, so the January collection has five stories. They are Discovery TwoDiana and the Animal, Burns Mar the Sun-Grasper’s Hands, A Kingdom of White, and Memoirs of the Model Agent: How I Rescued Mr. Dimbles. Click through to the product pages to read synopses and get more information about each one.

A lot of people like to buy their ebooks from Amazon, through the Kindle Store. It’s a great platform: you have all the convenience of buying through Amazon, and you can read on your Kindle or on any smartphone, tablet, or even computer, through their free apps. Plus they store everything in the Cloud. The future is pretty neat.

I want my stories to be as conveniently available to those people as possible, so from now on I’m going to be releasing my stories for Kindle at the same time that I put them in my own Store. I’m playing catch-up right now, for the individual stories: here are Discovery Two, Diana and the Animal, and Burns Mar the Sun-Grasper’s Hands.

“Feel-Good”: Ready for Pre-Release!

I’ve put together the cover art for Feel-Good, and it’s now officially ready for pre-release this Monday!

The photo for the cover was taken by Rudoni Productions. You can see more of his work on his Flickr page.

Image by Rudoni Productions, used under Creative Commons.

In my previous post, I mentioned that the centrepiece story of the collection, which I have now titled Hands-On, had gotten just a little bigger than I’d originally intended. Well, not it’s even bigger. The final word count is just under 7,000. It took Larissa about 25 minutes to read the whole thing (and she liked it!). As I explain in the Introduction to the collection, Hands-On feels, to me, more like the opening couple of chapters to a novel than a short story. I’ve tried to make it as self-contained as possible, but it doesn’t seem to want to be self-contained, and who am I to tell it what it can and can’t be? Maybe it will eventually turn into something longer; for now, I think it’s still worth reading as a standalone.

So: Hands-On is definitely the central feature of the collection, but there’s plenty of other good content in there, too, and I think you’ll enjoy it all. I’ll be emailing early access copies of the collection to the people on the early access list this coming Monday, and creating a page where you can buy the collection as a pay-what-you-want download, as well.

I’ll have some more news about any special offers soon, and possibly some details on my future plans for these collections.