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What If Our Baby Becomes a Ninja?

Some day, there is a good chance that precious little baby growing inside Larissa could grow up to be a ninja. Talk about a career that could produce some mixed feelings in a parent!

On the one hand, having a ninja for a son could be really cool. Think of all the benefits! I’d never have to worry about my personal security, for one. I wouldn’t have to stress about my son being killed in any kind of accident, either, because of his ninja reflexes. Plus we’d definitely be the most popular parents on the block. Everyone wants to be on a ninja’s good side, so they’d probably bring us all kinds of presents, like gift cards to fancy restaurants and stuff.

On the other hand, how would we teach him that children are to be seen and not heard? He’d more likely be unseen, unheard, unsmelled… just generally undetected. Hard to show off your son to his grandparents when you have no idea where he’s hiding. On top of that, it’s hard to know how stable ninjahood is as a career choice. I don’t have much personal knowledge of it, but I assume you have to work on contract, and that can be difficult. What happens during a recession, or if there’s a decline in ninja demand? Is there a ninja union? Do ninjas get recognized for employment insurance? What kinds of pensions can they get?

It could be really interesting if our baby grows up to be a ninja, but I think I have some research to do before I’ll be entirely comfortable with it.

League of Married Gentlemen: Discovering Awesome Names

While working on my thesis earlier this week, it occurred to me that the name of one of the sociologists whose work I was citing was really pretty cool. That sociologist’s name is Donatella della Porta. I think that’s an awesome name. I said so on Twitter, and received this reply:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/George_TGF/status/99603269281779712″]

In the interest of testing the theory that my wedding ring has granted me the ability to find and identify awesome names, I did a search for “awesome names” and found this baby name page. On that page there are a bunch of names that are supposed to be “awesome,” but I can’t say I agree with a lot of the choices. Maybe I’m in the minority; the choices were supposedly based on popularity ratings, after all. So that’s a strike against the theory.

Slavoj Žižek has an awesome name.

To explore a variation on the theory, I looked up an old 50-word story I wrote called Proceedings of the Juvenile Court, in which I invented several names. The names I created for that story were, and still are, completely awesome (I especially like Fkaisl Ipsidav), but I invented them before I was married, so that can’t have been an ability granted to me by my ring. Strike two.

As my last attempt, I went to the Wikipedia page that lists sociologists, to see if my ability might just be tied to finding cool names among sociologists. This tactic showed some promise. A quick glance-through allowed me to identify Stanley Aronowitz, Enzo Faletto, Rick Fantasia, Tariq Modood, and Slavoj Žižek. You are obligated to agree that all of these sociologists have awesome names. Especially Mr. Žižek (some of whose work I have actually already been exposed to through various classes).

I still can’t be entirely sure that the awesomeness of sociologists’ names isn’t something that existed before I got married, but there may be something here to keep an eye on.