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Podcast 002

Happy Friday! Here’s the second episode of my podcast. An outline of what I talk about is provided below.

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0:01 – 4:22 Introduction; this week’s releases in the Store, featuring the Year of Stories January 2012 collection for only $2.99.

4:22 – 7:45 Description of Losing Freight, coming soon on 1889.ca. Explanation of reader interaction mechanism.

7:45 – 13:58 Special People weekly recap; teasing future projects in the Special People world.

13:58 – 19:34 Year of StoriesDiana and the Animal; the TypeTrigger prompt that inspired it, and a reading of its original form as a flash fiction story.

19:34 – 21:16 Q&A: @AwesomeBrony asks, “How old were you when you discovered that you could use special gypsy magic to murder rainbow dragons?”

21:16 – 21:38 Sign-off.


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YoS Week 2 – Burns Mar the Sun-Grasper’s Hands

A new short story every Monday of 2012.Welcome to the Year of Stories, Week 2!

You can now read Diana and the Animal for free. If you enjoy it, please leave a comment, and consider buying it in the Store or tipping.

Week 3’s offering, Burns Mars the Sun-Grasper’s Hands, is a 1,700-word slipstream story, and is now available in the Store. Here’s the synopsis:

The gym where Mia works has plenty of regulars, but none as intriguing as “Louisa,” a mysterious elderly Cajun woman with physical strength that belies her age and appearance. When Louisa rushes out of the gym one day, accidentally leaving a leather glove behind, Mia is presented with an opportunity to delve into Louisa’s secrets.

To see previously released stories, check out the Year of Stories page.

YoS Week 1 – Discovery Two and Diana and the Animal

And so it begins…

The Year of Stories starts today, with the release of the first two stories of the year.

Week 1’s story, Discovery Two, is a 3,700-word sci-fi drama. It’s available to read now for free, and can also be purchased in the Store for $1. Synopsis:

NASA’s manned space flight programs are finally regaining some momentum. Their newest shuttle, the Discovery Two, is about to dock at the International Space Station, and the media buzz is picking up. No one can imagine the magnitude of the discovery that its passengers are about to make, but will the astronauts’ pride threaten to destroy one of the greatest moments in human history?

Week 2’s story, Diana and the Animal, is a 6,700-word sci-fi adventure. It can be purchased now for $1, and will be posted to the site on January 9. Synopsis:

Diana works for the Ministry, helping to educate children about the many dangers posed by animals, the hazards of a poisoned natural environment, and the Filter Dome that keeps their city safe. When an animal disrupts her family’s Aster holiday celebrations, she ends up on the front lines of the battle against her society’s greatest threat, and finds herself questioning everything she knows about Animal Control, the Ministry, and the system she’s been trained to uphold.

Diana and the Animal also comes with some great cover art courtesy of artist Nate Johnson.

I Need Your Support!

This Year of Stories project is a big creative leap of faith, and I’m investing a ton of time and energy into it. I’m going to be counting on all of my friends, family, and fans to read the stories, leave comments with your thoughts and opinions, and share the links around to people you know.

Without your support, I won’t be able to accomplish much, but if winning the Vanessa Voth photography contest has shown me anything, it’s that Larissa and I have a great network of people behind us. I know I can rely on you all to make the Year of Stories a solid group effort during 2012.

Thanks everyone!