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Official Birth Announcement and Baby Pool Winner

Back on March 20, I set up a Baby Pool to see who could guess closest to my child’s actual birth date. Well, that date has come and gone!

As of 10:14 PM on April 13, I became the father of a brand new little dinosaur named Calvin William Sevenhuysen.

He weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces, and is 21.25 inches long. Tall and skinny!

So, that means that the official winner of a free copy of DISCOVERY is… Sophie! She guessed April 10, which was the closest anyone got to predicting how far overdue the little guy was going to be.

Congratulations, Sophie!

Everyone else: I’ve got nothing for you. Nothing except the cute picture above. I hope that’s enough. :)

Baby Pool – Win a Free Book!

Baby pools are fun, right? Especially when they have prizes! So let’s do one.

Aren't they pretty together?

Larissa is now in Week 38 of her pregnancy. We’re just 14 days away from the April 3 due date! But when exactly is our baby going to arrive?

Think you can predict the future? If you can, you could win a free copy of my new book of short stories, DISCOVERY!


To play, leave your guess in a comment on this post. Include the following information: Date of Birth, Weight (pounds and ounces), Sex.

The winner will be the person who guesses, or is closest to, the correct date. Weight will be the first tiebreaker and Sex will be the second tiebreaker. If there is still a tie after that, I’ll use a random number generator to select the winner.

I will mail a copy of DISCOVERY to the winner.

Happy guessing!


I received my proof copy of DISCOVERY in the mail today, and it’s glorious, if I may say so myself. Check it out:

It looks great, it’s full of interesting stories, and it can be yours for just $11.99!

I’m going to start shipping out people’s orders on March 26, so if you want to be sure that you’re in on that first shipment, grab yourself a preorder today!