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Podcast: Happy Friday 010

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 10 of my podcast.

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Show Notes

0:01 – 4:20 Introduction and announcements. Please help keep the Timdex updated. Sign up for my newsletter. Please support my IndieGoGo campaignDISCOVERY will ship on March 26. It’s available for $11.99.

4:21 – 8:05 Year of Stories: discussion of Two Minutes to Midnight.

8:06 – 14:00 Losing Freight: thoughts on reader input and poll questions.

14:01 – 14:54 Grocery Fund update. March is lagging behind a bit!

14:55 – 18:42 Q&A. Question from @KingKool: “What’s the most important fiction book you read as a child?”

18:43 – 19:08 Sign-off.


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Podcast 003

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 003 of my as-yet-unnamed podcast. Have any suggestions for what I should officially call it, now that it seems like it’s going to be a regular feature? Leave a comment!

Note: Sorry for the poor(er than usual) audio quality in the first portion.

Show Notes

0:01 – 3:34 Announcements: Losing Freight starts January 23; my interview on Drift the WebGrocery Fund status update.

3:35 – 9:17 General Update: thoughts on the Grocery Fund and my Declaration of Intent to work towards becoming a full-time author.

9:18 – 12:56 Year of Stories: behind-the-scenes discussion of Burns Mar the Sun-Grasper’s Hands.

12:57 – 15:29 Special People: discussion of opportunities for readers to have input into the story through special Store sales.

15:30 – 20:03 New on the Store: details of the Galloway’s Hunt novelette and special offers to have input into the novel-in-progress based on the same character.

20:04 – 29:21 Q&A: Questions from @OddModlin, @PoshPlatypus, and @KingKool.

29:22 – 29:42 Sign-off.


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