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ULTRA by 1889 Labs

If you’re a writer of flash fiction or short stories, there’s an interesting new opportunity for you to put your work out there, gain some readership, and possibly sell your story to be featured in a print/ebook anthology.

ULTRA is 1889 Labs’ newest web fiction initiative. The essential nuts and bolts are as follows: you submit your 500- to 2,000-word story, it goes into “The Inbox”, and if it gets enough Likes on Facebook it spends some time featured on the ULTRA front page. When enough stories have been gathered, the best ones will be featured in an anthology, and the authors will be paid a professional rate.

One of my stories from a few months ago, Spiritual Taxidermy, is among the first batch of stories. There are a bunch of other stories to read, so check it out and submit your own!

If you aren’t familiar with 1889 Labs, this is a group at the cutting edge of online fiction. They publish my interactive series Losing Freight and lots of other novels and web serials. Pay attention to 1889; special things are happening there.

Podcast: Happy Friday 007

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 7 of my podcast.

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Show Notes

0:01 – 9:37 Introduction and announcements. DISCOVERY, the first quarterly Year of Stories print collection, is nearly ready. Grocery Fund update. Flare Fiction: Volume 2 now available. Pirate Week is next week!

9:38 – 12:14 Year of Stories: discussion of Escape Velocity.

12:15 – 13:37 Personal Update: we’ve found a place to move, with a real office for me!

13:38 – 16:28 My Reading: Thoughts on The Hobbit and how Tolkien inspires me.

16:29 – 24:19 My self-publishing process. The tools I use and the steps involved.

24:20 – 25:33 Sign-off.


There were no Q&A questions this week, so make sure to get yours in via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or the new Formspring widget here on the blog.

Flare Fiction: Volume 2

It’s here! My latest chapbook, Flare Fiction: Volume 2, is now available in the Store, for whatever price you wish to pay.

Here’s a little bit of information about the collection:

These stories are experiments, in a lot of ways. Can Imaginary Enemy get you to care about the plight of an imaginative young boy in less than a page and a half? Can A Brain Well-Watered encapsulate the creative process in only 315 words, and inspire you to go searching after your own fresh inspiration? Can A Long Story make you laugh the first time you read it, and sigh with pity the second? These are the kinds of challenges I set for myself as an author. You, as readers, are my audience, my targets, my judges, and often my inspirations.

As with my previous chapbooks, you can set your own price by adjusting the “quantity” of dollars and cents while you’re ordering.

Flare Fiction 2 is also available to grab from Amazon for 99¢.

If you read and enjoy the collection, please head over to Amazon and leave a review! Reviews really help other people find my work, so your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated.

Podcast: Happy Friday 006

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 6 of my podcast.

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Show Notes

0:01 – 3:05 Introduction and announcements. Flare Fiction: Volume 2 announced, to be released on Wednesday, February 15.

3:06 – 6:58 Year of Stories: discussion of Darla, Dragon Hunter.

6:59 – 13:08 My new day job, and how it will affect my writing.

13:09 – 23:45 Q&A. Questions from BurningDragoon, Ryan Hall, and Odd Modlin.

23:46 – 25:00 Sign-off. Don’t forget the Pirate Week contest!

Note: “Theme music” by The Uptones.


If you have questions for the Q&A portion of the next episode, leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

Flare Fiction Now Available

Flare Fiction 1 is now available to purchase through the TScom Store and the Kindle Store.

Buy now to contribute to the Baby Fund!

Flare Fiction is sold on a pay-what-you-want basis, and emailed to your PayPal address once payment is received.

On January 2, 2012, it will become free to download, though donations will still be appreciated.

Flare Fiction: Volume 1

On December 12 I will be releasing my next short fiction collection, the first volume of a series I’m calling Flare Fiction.

Flare Fiction 1 is the first new product I’m releasing in support of the Diaper Fund.

There will be a pay-what-you-want preorder period, starting today, followed by a paid release period, during which Flare Fiction 1 will be made available on the Kindle Store, and then after that I will make Flare Fiction 1 a free (and pay-what-you-want) download.

Available preorder bonuses include the opportunity to supply a title for a custom 50-word story or a character name/concept for Special People, my new serial superhero web fiction project.

Flare Fiction 1 will be somewhat different from my previous two collections. Living and Dying and Feel-Good each include a selection of flash fiction, along with a couple of longer stories and a few poems.

Flare Fiction, however, is a flash fiction-only chapbook. It contains 10 stories, each under 500 words, for a total of about 2,500 words. I’ve decided to release my short stories and my flash fiction separately, moving forward. I realize this may seem to represent less value per release, but that’s the beauty of a “pay-what-you-want” system. If you paid $5 for Feel-Good, maybe Flare Fiction is only worth $2 to you, and that’s totally fine!

For complete details, and to preorder, go to the Flare Fiction product page in the Store.

Yesterday’s House on Every Day Fiction

Read my story Yesterday’s House, which was published today at Every Day Fiction.

I’d greatly appreciate any comments on the story, either here or on the story post at EDF. Your comments are always very appreciated!

I originally wrote this story in response to a prompt on TypeTrigger. The version I submitted to EDF has been edited and polished, and I expanded it just a little, but the core of the story is the same as what I originally fit into the response box on TT. Just another reason why TypeTrigger is one of my favourite sites on the web!