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An Update: Why Special People is Still Dormant

In August I wrote a news post for Special People announcing that I was soon going to get back into writing the serial and moving the story forward.

You may have noticed that didn’t happen. I did some outlining, I wrote and posted a prologue… Then it fizzled. And I’m okay with that.

I do find it disappointing that I wasn’t able to get the next story off the ground, but I think it’s been for the best. I have a three-week-old baby right now, and that would have meant probably a month or so off of writing. I also find that my storytelling isn’t as good when I’m tired, and since the only time I would have to write is after my toddler is in bed, that means I’d always be writing tired!

I’m holding off on getting back into Special People until I feel like I can give it the attention and energy it deserves.

In the meantime, I’ve ramped up my work on 50WS. Rather than needing at least an hour at a time to work on Special People, I find it so much easier to spend five or fifteen minutes taking care of the site, reviewing submissions, and writing my own occasional stories, so it’s been a good outlet for keeping my creative juices flowing. The site is really growing, too, and I have lots of ideas to build on that trend!

So I hope you’ll stick with me, read (and write!) some 50-word stories, and keep hoping for the day Special People comes back for real. I know I find that prospect very exciting.