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Podcast: Happy Friday 009

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 9 of my podcast.

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Show Notes

0:01 – 1:48 Introduction and announcements. Pirate Week prize winners have been announced. My story We Dragons went up at Ray Gun Revival. (One thing I forgot: DISCOVERY, my new book of short stories, is still in preorder mode. Grab it for $11.99!)

1:49 – 4:17 Year of Stories: discussion of Jary’s Got a Gun.

4:18 – 8:03 Special People Comic crowdfunding. I’ll be kicking off the Special People Comic crowdfunding drive on IndieGoGo on Monday, March 5.

8:04 – 14:39 Q&A. Questions from @OddModlin, Lisa, and @PoshPlatypus.

14:40 – 15:07 Sign-off.


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