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Snow Mining

After two weeks away, I was dreading what we might come back to find in our driveway. Thankfully a neighbour apparently cleared the foot of our driveway after the plow came by, so that saved me from the worst of it.

But the front sidewalk still had to be dealt with. And deal with it I did. What I had to do shouldn’t really be described as “shovelling”; it was more like snow mining.

There were three or four inches of hard-packed snow-coal stretching my section of the sidewalk. I would spend 20 or 30 seconds jamming at it with my special mining shovel, then 10 or 20 seconds bending down to collect the raw ore (with some chunks being a couple square feet in size) and toss the chunks onto the lawn, presumably so they could be collected and processed into some valuable mineral.

I’ll never complain about having to shovel fresh, soft snow again.

Okay, who am I kidding: of course I’ll still complain.

All Moved In, With Three Weeks To Go

Life has been moving along at a pretty rapid pace over the past several weeks. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a brief update.

Two weeks ago Larissa and I moved into a new two-bedroom suite in one of Victoria’s suburbs. We have at least three times as much floor space here, and we love it!

In addition to going from a single bedroom to two bedrooms, we also now have a separate kitchen and living room, a small dining room, and an office for me to work in.

Getting out of downtown has been nice for a lot of different reasons. For one, there’s no street noise outside when we’re trying to go to sleep. Larissa used to wake up sometimes from all the cars streaming past after the bars closed. Another benefit is that it’s so much nicer to go for walks in and around all the little suburbs and winding streets. We’re only a 15-minute walk away from the beach, too.

We took advantage of all the extra space this weekend to have a bunch of friends over for a combined board game night and DISCOVERY prerelease party. (Sneaky little writing update: I sent in the order for the first print run of DISCOVERY on Saturday. I should be able to start sending out people’s orders by the end of the month.)

Of course, the main reason we moved was so that we would have space for Baby. It’s only three weeks until Larissa’s due date! We went on a hospital tour last week and got to see the facilities where Baby will be welcomed into the world. It made a few things seem a lot more “real” for me. I’m getting so excited for that day to come.

I’ve been telling Larissa that one of the things I’m really looking forward to is sitting on the couch holding Baby while I’m watching playoff hockey later in April. Gotta get the kid started on the right foot, eh? Go Canucks go!

Our Babymoon in Ucluelet

Two weekends ago Larissa and I went on what she called a “babymoon,” a term I hadn’t heard before. Apparently it’s a “thing,” though. It was our last little trip together as just the two of us before Baby arrives about six weeks from now.

At her work Christmas party, Larissa won a two-night stay to the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It’s beautiful out there! We drove up on Saturday after Larissa got off work, spent Saturday night, all day Sunday, and Monday morning, and drove back down to Victoria on Monday afternoon.

It rained all day Sunday, which isn’t unusual on the Island, especially further north. It’s rain forest country, after all! Not the kind of jungle rain forest you typically associate with the Amazon, but rain forest nonetheless. So we spent the day mostly in our room, relaxing and hanging out together. We did venture down to the main floor in the late morning for the special Valentine’s weekend brunch, and it was awesome. The bacon was particularly good.

During the rest of the day Larissa finished crocheting a baby blanket and I watched some sports. It was good to just get away and not have to worry about anything.

On Monday morning the sun was out, so we took a bit of a walk on the beach. I even convinced her to give me a smooch on the cheek!

We didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I’ve included a few below.

We’ve had our time away now, and we’re in the home stretch to Baby’s arrival! We’re moving into our new place this weekend, so Larissa can get down to some serious nesting. Once our move is done, there won’t be any more big items on our Pre-Baby To-Do List, so we’re looking forward to having that out of the way.┬áMaybe once we’re moved in I’ll do a photo tour, or a brief video showing the place off. Depends what I have time for. These stories don’t write themselves!