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What If Our Baby Grows Up To Be A Volcanologist

What if Larissa’s and my baby grows up to be a volcanologist? It’s a very real possibility!

I think I’d really like having a volcanologist in the family, if for no other reason than that I would get to say “volcanologist” a lot. The word’s even fun to type, let alone speak out loud. Try this out: insert “volcanologist” into one conversation and see how much it improves your entire day. Add the word “eruption” on top of that, and you’ve got endless funtimes.

I’m not much of a worrier, but I think I’d probably get a little tense if I knew that my baby was staring into the mouths of volcanoes all day. I wouldn’t want to hear that my kid was playing the starring role in a real-life disaster movie. And lava may be one of the most compellingly imaginative substances in the entire world (major props to God for inventing it, by the way), but it’s also super scary. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from classic video games, it’s that touching lava will kill you instantly. And it destroys magic rings, too.

I think I could get over all that, especially if we continue to live in the Ring of Fire.┬áHere on the west coast it would certainly be useful to have some inside connections with earthquake- and volcano-predicting agencies… That would be a definite plus!

As with anything, there would be positives and negatives to having a child who was a volcanologist.

Volcanologist. Tee hee.

Thanks to @meaganhogg, who suggested that I do a What If Our Baby post about being a geologist. I liked the suggestion, but I hope you don’t mind that I decided to take it a step further.