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League of Married Gentlemen: My Power Revealed At Last!

As you know if you’ve been following my blog over the past several months, I’ve been trying to find out what kind of special powers or abilities my wedding ring has granted me. I’ve been really eager to take my official place in the League of Married Gentlemen!

I can finally say that I’ve discovered my special ability, and it’s incredible: I have the power to create life.

Yes, it’s true. There is, right now, a new human being growing inside my wife, and it’s my doing. I’m a hero!

I’m thrilled. Couldn’t be happier. This is better than super speed or strength, the ability to fly, telekinesis… Anything. I’m going to be a daddy!

We’re due in early April, and so excited. Our families are excited, too. For my parents, it’ll be the first grandchild, and for Larissa’s parents it’s their third.

Now I just have to think of a good superhero name to go with my newfound power. Any suggestions?