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Year of Stories – Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of the Year of Stories! It’s Pirate Week!

Free this week is Captain Blackbird and the Mutineers, a 2,300-word humourous pirate adventure, now available to read for free or buy in the Store.

It’s a beautiful day to be a pirate, as far as Captain Blackbird is concerned, but it seems his crew feels differently. They’re sick of getting scurvy and going weeks without finding any treasure! When they take a stand and threaten mutiny, Captain Blackbird knows there’s only one solution: it’s time to go hunting for treasure in the treacherous caves of Gorgon Isle!

The highlighted Store release for this week is Jary’s Got a Gun, a 3,500-word comedy about a man who finds “the last gun on earth.” Read it now for only $0.99!

On the morning Jary Tomlin finds the world’s last remaining gun, he and his wife are having an argument in the kitchen. They’re being evicted, and Jary can’t imagine how life could possibly get much worse. Then he accidentally knocks a hole in the wall of the garage, and “worse” is exactly what he finds hidden inside.

To read previously released stories, check out the Year of Stories page.

Flare Fiction: Volume 2

It’s here! My latest chapbook, Flare Fiction: Volume 2, is now available in the Store, for whatever price you wish to pay.

Here’s a little bit of information about the collection:

These stories are experiments, in a lot of ways. Can Imaginary Enemy get you to care about the plight of an imaginative young boy in less than a page and a half? Can A Brain Well-Watered encapsulate the creative process in only 315 words, and inspire you to go searching after your own fresh inspiration? Can A Long Story make you laugh the first time you read it, and sigh with pity the second? These are the kinds of challenges I set for myself as an author. You, as readers, are my audience, my targets, my judges, and often my inspirations.

As with my previous chapbooks, you can set your own price by adjusting the “quantity” of dollars and cents while you’re ordering.

Flare Fiction 2 is also available to grab from Amazon for 99¢.

If you read and enjoy the collection, please head over to Amazon and leave a review! Reviews really help other people find my work, so your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated.

Galloway’s Hunt

Today I’m releasing a new book called Galloway’s Hunt, available now in my Store and on Amazon for $0.99. Plus, read below for some exciting special offers related to the novel I’m working on based on the same title character!

Galloway’s Hunt is a novelette set in the world of Galloway’s Voyage, my work-in-progress novel.

At approximately 9,100 words, or 35 pages, Galloway’s Hunt will take the average reader 30 minutes to complete.

The Yuskian spring bison hunt is a generations-old rite of passage for the people of that country, and big game has always held a certain allure for Lucas Galloway. In the spring of 9970 he sets out to take part in the bison hunt with his good friend Jeremy Prinks, but he soon finds himself swept away on an adventure of literally gigantic proportions.

Purchase Options
You can buy the ebook of Galloway’s Hunt for only $0.99, but you also have the option to pay more and receive special bonuses. (Use the dropdown menu at the bottom of this page to select bonuses.)

  • For $1.99, I will email you and ask you to provide me with a title that I will use as inspiration for a 50-word story.
  • For $4.99, three buyers will be able to name minor characters in the Galloway’s Voyage novel.
  • The first person who pays $19.99 will be able to provide the name for one of the major characters in the Galloway’s Voyage novel.

Head over to the Store to take advantage of these special offers before all the naming rights get snapped up!

Profits from the sale of Galloway’s Hunt go towards meeting my Grocery Fund goals.

Feel-Good: Now Available

It’s finally here! For all of you eager readers who weren’t lucky enough to get on the early access list, Feel-Good is now available for general download.

Feel-Good is a collection of flash fiction, poetry, and short stories, totaling about 40 pages, or 10,000 words. For more information, see the product page in the store.

Feel-Good is available as a free download, on a “pay what you want” basis, and is also on the Kindle Store for $0.99.

For the next week, the “preorder” bonuses are still available to people who pay for Feel-Good. Here are the bonuses you can receive:

  • A donation of $1 or more will place you on the Early Access List to receive my next collection a week early.
  • For $3 or more, I will write a 50-word story based on a title you suggest and post it on FiftyWordStories.com.
  • For $5 or more, I will publicly thank you on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook–your choice! If you’d like, I can include a message and a link from you, as well.
  • For $10 or more, I will write you a personal flash fiction story (100 to 500 words), based on a title you suggest, and I’ll include it in a future collection, along with a personal acknowledgement.

Thank you for your support!

“Feel-Good” Progress Update #2

I just finished writing the first draft of the centrepiece story for Feel-Good, my upcoming short fiction collection. That accomplishment means that the only thing between here and its release is editing, polishing, cover design, and layout. Exciting!

At this point, here’s what the content list for Feel-Good looks like:

  • One 5,000-word short story.
  • Six to eight pieces of flash fiction, between 200 and 500 words each.
  • One piece of 555 fiction.
  • Three or four lighthearted poems.

For comparisons’ sake, the contents of Living and Dying totalled around 5,000 words, all told. Feel-Good should end up at around 8,000 words. You asked for more, and you’re getting it!

My goal is to have Feel-Good ready for members of the “Early Access List” by next Monday, July 25, and for regular release the Monday after, August 1. I expect July 25 to also mark the beginning of “preorders”, including bonus offers, etc.

Follow me on Twitter for more detailed updates as we approach those dates.

Living and Dying: Now Available!

Today is June 1, and that means Living and Dying has officially been released! Spread the word by retweeting the announcement tweet below, or share the link on Facebook (or anywhere else) using the social media icons at the bottom of the post.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/TimSevenhuysen/status/75979423958052864″]

You can now download the Living and Dying ebook from the TimSevenhuysen.com Store and pay what you want for it.

You can also buy it from the Amazon Kindle Store for $0.99. Here’s a link to the US product pagehere’s the UK product page, and here’s the German product page.

Don’t forget: if you buy Living and Dying today, you get on the early access list for my next fiction collection (plus a free Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One ebook if you pay $0.90 or more), and if you write an Amazon review you get on the early access list and get to contribute a superhero name to a story I’m writing!

Thanks for the support, everyone.

The Plunge

Tomorrow I take the plunge.

The FiftyWordStories.com Store is now online, and the first two products (Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One in print and ebook) have been posted, but tomorrow I’ll flip the switch and begin allowing purchases.

How well is this going to go over? I honestly have no idea. I have a few personal goals and targets for how many copies I think I can sell, but I’m keeping my expectations pretty low. To be honest, I’ve just had a lot of fun putting the book together and setting the store up, even though it’s been a lot of long, hard work. The task has, in many ways, been its own reward. As long as that continues to be the case, any actual sales I make will be pure gravy.

If anyone who knows me personally would like to save a couple of dollars, I can get a bulk shipping discount, so send me an email at tim@fiftywordstories.com before buying and I’ll try to make that happen.