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Galloway’s Hunt

Today I’m releasing a new book called Galloway’s Hunt, available now in my Store and on Amazon for $0.99. Plus, read below for some exciting special offers related to the novel I’m working on based on the same title character!

Galloway’s Hunt is a novelette set in the world of Galloway’s Voyage, my work-in-progress novel.

At approximately 9,100 words, or 35 pages, Galloway’s Hunt will take the average reader 30 minutes to complete.

The Yuskian spring bison hunt is a generations-old rite of passage for the people of that country, and big game has always held a certain allure for Lucas Galloway. In the spring of 9970 he sets out to take part in the bison hunt with his good friend Jeremy Prinks, but he soon finds himself swept away on an adventure of literally gigantic proportions.

Purchase Options
You can buy the ebook of Galloway’s Hunt for only $0.99, but you also have the option to pay more and receive special bonuses. (Use the dropdown menu at the bottom of this page to select bonuses.)

  • For $1.99, I will email you and ask you to provide me with a title that I will use as inspiration for a 50-word story.
  • For $4.99, three buyers will be able to name minor characters in the Galloway’s Voyage novel.
  • The first person who pays $19.99 will be able to provide the name for one of the major characters in the Galloway’s Voyage novel.

Head over to the Store to take advantage of these special offers before all the naming rights get snapped up!

Profits from the sale of Galloway’s Hunt go towards meeting my Grocery Fund goals.

“Feel-Good” Preorder Now Open

Image by Rudoni Productions, used under Creative Commons.

Feel-Good is prereleasing today. (I’ll be emailing out the files to people on the early access list when I get home tonight; sorry for the delay!) The regular release will take place next Monday, August 1, 2011. Feel-Good will be available as a pay-what-you-want download, and also on the Kindle Store for $0.99.

Feel-Good is a collection of flash fiction, poetry, and short stories, totaling about 40 pages, or 10,000 words. For more information about Feel-Good, see the product page in the store.

Today I’m also opening up preorders. To preorder, use the PayPal button below. This time around, I wanted to offer something special, and reward people who want to give more than the minimum. So there are several tiers for preorders, each with a special bonus. Each tier also includes the tiers below it.

Here are the bonuses you can receive:

  • A donation of $1 or more will place you on the Early Access List to receive my next collection a week early.
  • For $3 or more, I will write a 50-word story based on a title you suggest and post it on FiftyWordStories.com.
  • For $5 or more, I will publicly thank you on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook–your choice! If you’d like, I can include a message and a link from you, as well.
  • For $10 or more, I will write you a personal flash fiction story (100 to 500 words), based on a title you suggest, and I’ll include it in a future collection, along with a personal acknowledgement.

Thank you for your support!

Living and Dying: Now Available!

Today is June 1, and that means Living and Dying has officially been released! Spread the word by retweeting the announcement tweet below, or share the link on Facebook (or anywhere else) using the social media icons at the bottom of the post.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/TimSevenhuysen/status/75979423958052864″]

You can now download the Living and Dying ebook from the TimSevenhuysen.com Store and pay what you want for it.

You can also buy it from the Amazon Kindle Store for $0.99. Here’s a link to the US product pagehere’s the UK product page, and here’s the German product page.

Don’t forget: if you buy Living and Dying today, you get on the early access list for my next fiction collection (plus a free Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One ebook if you pay $0.90 or more), and if you write an Amazon review you get on the early access list and get to contribute a superhero name to a story I’m writing!

Thanks for the support, everyone.

Living and Dying – Release Details and Special Offers

Original photo by Rachel Davies, used under a Creative Commons license.This Wednesday is the release date for Living and Dying. As long as the Kindle Store approval process goes smoothly, the collection should be available for pay-what-you-want download from this site around the same time as it becomes available for purchase from the Kindle Store for $0.99.

In order to allow for pay-what-you-want purchasing, I’m launching a TimSevenhuysen.com Store today. There won’t be any fancy shopping carts or download systems or anything; just download links and PayPal buttons so you can read my writing and pay me either a set price, or whatever you think it’s worth.

As promised, I have a couple of special offers available for anyone who’s interested.

Offer 1) Early Bird Bonuses: Buy Living and Dying through PayPal on or prior to release day and you’ll get early access to my next short fiction collection and (if you pay at least $0.90) a free digital copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One.

Anyone who pays for a PDF/ePub copy of Living and Dying from this site (as opposed to the Kindle Store) before midnight PST on June 1 will receive my next short fiction collection a week before it becomes publicly available. You can still get in on this offer if you buy the collection from the Kindle Store, but you’ll have to pay me at least 1 cent through PayPal, so that I have proof that you’ve bought it. (The Kindle Store doesn’t give me any information about who’s bought my products, so I can’t verify purchases from there.)

Not going to be around on June 1? No problem! You can “preorder” Living and Dying right now by going to the product page and clicking the Buy Now button. I’ll email you the .zip file as soon as the collection goes live!

Offer 2) Reviewer Bonuses: Review Living and Dying on Amazon and you’ll get on the early-access list for my next collection and will also get the opportunity to provide me with the name of a superhero to write into a story that I will include in my next collection.

Anyone who reviews Living and Dying on Amazon.com and sends a link to their review to tsevenhuysen@gmail.com will have the opportunity to contribute a superhero name to a story that I’ll be including in my next short fiction collection. Want to have a character of your own creation mentioned in my story? All you have to do is write a review, good or bad, positive or negative, one star or five stars.

In addition, you’ll also get your name on the early-access list for my next collection and receive a copy by email a week before it becomes publicly available.


So… Who’s excited? ME! I AM!