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March Grocery Fund Update

As I write this, the Grocery Fund for March sits at $69.63, pretty far short of its $300 goal. That’s quite a drop off, considering that we reached the goal in both January and February, but there are a couple of reasons not to panic!

1) The Special People IndieGoGo campaign has been running this month (and will still be going next month), so I’ve been directing people’s attention towards that quite a bit. Some funds that might have been used to buy things from the Store or left as donations have gone towards the fundraiser, instead, and that’s great!

2) I’m not counting in-person sales/preorders of DISCOVERY towards the Grocery Fund until I receive payment for them. The books haven’t arrived yet, but they should be hitting my doorstep in the next couple of days. Once I start putting them into people’s hands and getting paid for them, those sales will get counted towards the Grocery Fund. They’ll probably get counted towards April instead of March, though.

Thank you to everyone who has been chipping in, whether that’s to the Grocery Fund or the Special People fundraiser. We’re still only in the third month of this crazy ride, so there are plenty of good things to come, and lots of growth to go through!

Edit: As of March 30, some unanticipated generosity has pushed us much closer to the $300 goal. Hooray, and thank you!


Do you prefer to hold books in your hands and see them on your shelf, rather than reading them off a screen? I know I do!

Now’s your chance to do exactly that with my newest print offering, DISCOVERY. This is the first quarterly Year of Stories print collection. It contains 13 stories and is about 200 pages long. Here’s the blurb from the Store page:

The first three months of Tim Sevenhuysen’s Year of Stories project are packed with real human characters making their way through fantastic challenges and strange worlds. From outer space to the high seas, from the far reaches of the future to an ancient kingdom torn by war, your journey will carry you to places of wonder and terror, hope and heartache, victory and defeat.

DISCOVERY contains 13 short stories, notably including Diana and the AnimalA Kingdom of WhiteDarla, Dragon Hunter, and Unsettled, as released on TimSevenhuysen.com between January and March 2012.

You can preorder your very own copy of DISCOVERY right now for $11.99. The proof is in the mail on its way to me right now, and I hope to officially release the book and start shipping people’s orders by mid-March.

If you’ve been looking for a good way to contribute to the Grocery Fund, maybe this is the right option for you!

If you live in Victoria (or will be in Victoria at some point) and would prefer not to pay shipping, send me an email and let me know you’d like a copy, and we can work out arrangements for how to get the book in your hands. (That goes for friends and family, too!)

The number of preorders I get will affect how many I have printed in the first run, so please place your order sooner rather than later and help me save on the shipping. Thanks!

Flare Fiction: Volume 2

It’s here! My latest chapbook, Flare Fiction: Volume 2, is now available in the Store, for whatever price you wish to pay.

Here’s a little bit of information about the collection:

These stories are experiments, in a lot of ways. Can Imaginary Enemy get you to care about the plight of an imaginative young boy in less than a page and a half? Can A Brain Well-Watered encapsulate the creative process in only 315 words, and inspire you to go searching after your own fresh inspiration? Can A Long Story make you laugh the first time you read it, and sigh with pity the second? These are the kinds of challenges I set for myself as an author. You, as readers, are my audience, my targets, my judges, and often my inspirations.

As with my previous chapbooks, you can set your own price by adjusting the “quantity” of dollars and cents while you’re ordering.

Flare Fiction 2 is also available to grab from Amazon for 99¢.

If you read and enjoy the collection, please head over to Amazon and leave a review! Reviews really help other people find my work, so your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated.