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Year of Stories – Week 26

Week 26 of the Year of Stories signals the end of Quarter 2. I’ve now accomplished six months’ worth of one short story per week, and I think that’s pretty special. Capping off these six months is The Castle of the Grand King, starring new action adventure hero Meghan Maloney. Here’s a synopsis:

There is an ancient castle hidden in the heart of South America. Once it was the seat of a glorious empire, housing the throne of the Grand King. Now it is a forgotten ruin. At least one archaeologist thinks it’s still worth exploring, and he’s begun to unearth strange stories, local legends of a mystical machine that turned rocks to bread and water to wine… “Ancient silliness”, according to some. But when the expedition goes silent, Meghan Maloney sees an opportunity to get in on the action and maybe even land herself in the history books. She just hopes no one else has had the same idea.

Read it now.

And as a reminder, this will be the last story posted for a while, as I take a hiatus from the Year of Stories.

Podcast: Happy, um, Wednesday

Happy, er, Wednesday… Here’s episode 15 of my podcast, with my special cohost, Calvin William Sevenhuysen.

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Show Notes
0:01 Introduction and announcements. The Special People IndieGoGo campaign is a success! Thanks everyone! There are still targets to hit, too. :)

5:30 Year of Stories: The May YoS collection is now available for purchase. Discussions of The Valley, Memoirs of the Model Agent chapter 2, and The Interno.

10:26 Sign-off.


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Flare Fiction: Volume 2

It’s here! My latest chapbook, Flare Fiction: Volume 2, is now available in the Store, for whatever price you wish to pay.

Here’s a little bit of information about the collection:

These stories are experiments, in a lot of ways. Can Imaginary Enemy get you to care about the plight of an imaginative young boy in less than a page and a half? Can A Brain Well-Watered encapsulate the creative process in only 315 words, and inspire you to go searching after your own fresh inspiration? Can A Long Story make you laugh the first time you read it, and sigh with pity the second? These are the kinds of challenges I set for myself as an author. You, as readers, are my audience, my targets, my judges, and often my inspirations.

As with my previous chapbooks, you can set your own price by adjusting the “quantity” of dollars and cents while you’re ordering.

Flare Fiction 2 is also available to grab from Amazon for 99¢.

If you read and enjoy the collection, please head over to Amazon and leave a review! Reviews really help other people find my work, so your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated.