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ULTRA by 1889 Labs

If you’re a writer of flash fiction or short stories, there’s an interesting new opportunity for you to put your work out there, gain some readership, and possibly sell your story to be featured in a print/ebook anthology.

ULTRA is 1889 Labs’ newest web fiction initiative. The essential nuts and bolts are as follows: you submit your 500- to 2,000-word story, it goes into “The Inbox”, and if it gets enough Likes on Facebook it spends some time featured on the ULTRA front page. When enough stories have been gathered, the best ones will be featured in an anthology, and the authors will be paid a professional rate.

One of my stories from a few months ago, Spiritual Taxidermy, is among the first batch of stories. There are a bunch of other stories to read, so check it out and submit your own!

If you aren’t familiar with 1889 Labs, this is a group at the cutting edge of online fiction. They publish my interactive series Losing Freight¬†and lots of other novels and web serials. Pay attention to 1889; special things are happening there.