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Flash Fiction: “What Happened”

Here’s a strange little thing I wrote over at TypeTrigger the other day, based on the prompt “what happened.”

What Happened

“I came as soon as I heard what happened.”

“I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Has there been any change?”

“No; things seem to have stabilized, more or less.”

“Well thank goodness for that. How did this start?”

“I don’t know… I just woke up this morning and rolled over to see if he was awake, and there they were!”

“How many, at that point?”

“Just the three, this morning. Since then, another nine. It’s slowed down a bit now, to about one every half hour.”

There was a soft squelching pop from behind the curtain, and a male voice said, “Whoop!”

“There’s another. You’d almost think he was enjoying it!”

“Well… I mean, really, why shouldn’t he?”

“I… The man has something like a dozen eyeballs growing all over his body! It’s MONSTROUS! One of them is in his belly button, for heaven’s sake!”

“It doesn’t hurt to be open-minded about these things, though. Let’s just try to see the situation from his perspective.”

Liking Bandaids

Is it weird to enjoy wearing bandaids?

I don’t know why, but whenever I have an excuse to wear a bandaid, I actually kind of look forward to it. Maybe I like showing off the fact that I’ve been wounded, as if a bandaid is some kind of status symbol, like a scar but a lot less awesome. Maybe I’m fascinated by the concept of the body’s ability to be damaged and heal itself. Maybe it’s a holdover from the infantile awareness that being hurt gets you attention. (Come on, admit it: before you broke a bone for a first time, you sometimes imagined how cool it would be to wear a cast, and have all your friends sign it.)

Whatever the reason is, I’m mildly embarrassed to admit my fascination with wearing bandaids. When I give blood or accidentally cut myself, I like to keep the bandaids on longer than I know is necessary, and once they’re off I keep checking out the damaged area just in case I might need to put a new one on again.

I can’t believe I’m the only one like this. Come on, all my bandaid lovers! Show me some solidarity! Anyone…?

P.S. I like to accompany my blog posts with photos I’ve taken myself, but I already took the blood donation bandaid from yesterday off, and I didn’t think a picture of a tiny little red spot on my arm would be very interesting, so you get a generic image from the internet instead.