Podcast: Happy Friday 004

Happy Friday! Episode 004 of my podcast, now officially titled “Happy Friday,” is here for your listening pleasure and edification, and includes theme music made with my very own mouth.

Show Notes

0:01 – 5:26 Introduction and announcements: Special People goes to two updates per week; check out the opportunities for reader input into my writing in the Store; enter the 50-Word Stories Pirate Week contest.

5:27 – 7:48 Losing Freight week 1 recap.

7:49 – 11:39 Author comments on A Kingdom of White.

11:40 – 18:06 Q&A: Questions from @BurningDragoon, @Wertler, and @OddModlin.

18:07 – 18:38 Outro.


If you have questions for the Q&A portion of the next episode, leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

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