Podcast: Happy Friday 005

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 5.

Show Notes

0:01 – 0:12 Intro.

0:13 – 3:23 Special People: New story arc begins on Tuesday. Discussion of this week’s King of the Dark epilogue and Matt Moon short story.

3:24 – 4:38 Year of Stories: Early info regarding the Quarter 1 (January to March) print book.

4:39 – 7:10 Memoirs of the Model Agent discussion.

7:11 – 10:50 Losing Freight: Thoughts on the challenges of the reader-feedback writing process, and what’s coming up in the story.

10:51 – 19:40 Q&A. Questions from Jeremy Quinn@BurningDragoon, and @OddModlin.

19:41 – 19:55 Outro.


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