Podcast: Happy Friday 011

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 11 of my podcast.

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Show Notes

0:01 – 3:17 Introduction and announcements. Progress is being made on the Special People IndieGoGo campaign; check out the artist sample. ULTRA by 1889 Labs. I’m wearing my Fridaynosaur t-shirt today!

3:18 – 6:28 What I’ve been working on: building my Year of Stories backlog. Next few weeks: making progress on my novel.

6:29 – 10:04 Year of Stories: discussion of The Liquid Animal.

10:05 – 18:26 Short stories vs. novels: discussion of the differences in writing them, outlining, and my trajectory as a writer. See also: Help! I’m using an outline!

18:27 – 23:46 Q&A. Questions come from Formspring this week, and have to do with time travel, flight, and roller coasters.

23:47 – 24:28 Sign-off.


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