Podcast Q&A: Earn Store Credit!

If you’ve been listening to my podcast, you know that I do a Q&A section where I answer questions from fans and readers. It’s a really fun part of the podcast, because I get to talk about a lot of different things.

To encourage more people to ask podcast questions, I’ve decided to offer a $1 Store credit code to anyone whose question I answer in a future podcast. You can apply that $1 to any purchase, whether that means taking a dollar off of the first Year of Stories print book, DISCOVERY, getting yourself on Ian Innis’s list of specials for half price, or snagging anything else that catches your eye. There’s lots of cool stuff available!

You can get your questions to me via Twitter, Facebook, email, or the FormSpring widget in the sidebar.

Note: Unfortunately, since PayPal doesn’t allow for $0 transactions, you can’t use the dollar to “buy” something for free, but if there is a $1 product you’d like to grab with your Store credit please email me and I’ll be more than happy to work something out between us directly.

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