“We Dragons” on Ray Gun Revival

Before I decided to do the Year of Stories, I spent a few months submitting some of my work to different online magazines, to see if I could get any traction with my short stories via the “traditional route.” I received the standard stream of rejections, but I earned a few acceptances, too.

Today my story We Dragons went up at Ray Gun Revival, a “space opera” magazine dedicated to sci-fi short stories.

We Dragons is definitely among my stronger work, in my opinion, so I hope you go check it out and leave a rating and a comment. It’s a cool site, and I’ve enjoyed many stories that have been posted there.

I expect I’ll probably include We Dragons in the Year of Stories at some point later in the year, because I’d like to be able to put it into one of the print collections, but I have to read my contract with RGR a little more closely to make sure what the exclusivity period is.

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