Year of Stories – Week 11

Welcome to week 11 of the Year of Stories!

Free this week is The Liquid Animal, a 3,500-word horror story. Read it now! You can also buy it for 99¢ in the Store.

The Williams Wildlife Zoo is the best investment Desmond Williams ever made. His zoo makes him feel fresh and alive. A new display is being prepared, a “liquid animal,” something the world has never seen before. Skeptical, Desmond decides to take a look, and finds himself plunging into a nightmare.

The highlighted Store release for this week is Plasma, a chilling 2,000-word sci-fi drama. Read it now for only $0.99!

There’s a war on. Jayk is a willing soldier in the fight against the Fargon, and he’s ready to do his part whether he’s in the fray or back at home recuperating between tours. But does his idea of “helping from home” line up with reality?

To read previously released stories, check out the Year of Stories page.

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