Year of Stories – Week 18

The Year of Stories is undergoing a bit of change.

I’ve decided not to offer individual short stories for sale anymore. I’ll still be bundling together each month’s worth of stories if you want to read them in advance of when they go up here on the site, but the amount of time and effort required to make them individually available has turned out not to be worthwhile, especially with a new baby taking up more of my time.

Don’t worry; you’ll still get a free short story every Monday! Today the offering is The Interno, a 1,700-word sci-fi comedy.

Dr. Graeme Carter and Dr. Jefferson Parkindale have been coworkers for many years, but lately Dr. Parkindale has been acting, well, a little more eccentric than usual. He smiles more, for one thing. In fact, he never seems to stop smiling anymore. Does the mysterious new Interno technology have something to do with it?


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