Year of Stories – Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of the Year of Stories!

Free this week is Escape Velocity. It’s a 1,700-word sci-fi romance, now available to read for free or buy in the Store. Here’s the synopsis:

I thought stasis would be like sleeping. I thought I’d simply close my eyes on Earth and when I opened them I’d be a hundred light-years away, with no memory of the intervening time or the immense distance I had travelled. I thought stasis would be an escape, but I’ve spent the absent infinity of our voyage through space exploring the inside of my own head, reliving every one of those moments, those days, those joys, those sorrows.

The highlighted Store release for this week is Captain Blackbird and the Mutineers, a 2,300-word pirate adventure. Read it now for only $0.99!

It’s a beautiful day to be a pirate, as far as Captain Blackbird is concerned, but it seems his crew feels differently. They’re sick of getting scurvy and going weeks without finding any treasure! When they take a stand and threaten mutiny, Captain Blackbird knows there’s only one solution: it’s time to go hunting for treasure in the treacherous caves of Gorgon Isle!

To read previously released stories, check out the Year of Stories page.

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