Answers #3 – One Source of Entertainment Forever

Today’s question is from Josh Merrick, who asks

If you could only have one source of entertainment for the rest of your life–like one TV show, or song, or book, or podcast, or whatever–what would it be and why?

I expect my answer to this question would probably vary quite a bit depending on when you asked me. My interests tend to come in waves.

My knee-jerk response would probably be the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I absolutely love Tolkien’s world-building and imagination, and the books contain a bit of everything: there’s action, romance, singing, and even a bit of comedy. True, I’ve already read the trilogy about seven times, but there are always plenty of little details that I’ve forgotten, and hints at the broader history of things that I can sit back and marvel at or wonder about. If I was allowed to include The Hobbit and The Silmarillion, that would make it almost a no-brainer.

If I was aiming purely at amusement, something to help me pass the time when I had nothing else to occupy me, the full catalogue of Whose Line is it Anyways? (the American version) would probably serve me well. Larissa and I have actually been watching through the seasons of Whose Line? over the past month or so. We’re partway through Season 3 right now, with hundreds and hundreds more episodes to go, and it isn’t getting any less funny! I really wish this show was still on the air.

Ultimately, though, what I’d prefer even more than a book series or a TV show would be ready access to any kind of word processor, or at least pen and paper. I can keep myself pretty well entertained by taking things from inside my own imagination and putting them down on screen or paper, especially if I think there’s potential that someone else might want to read my ideas. I guess that’s why I’ve been doing so much writing lately!

Thanks for the question, Josh.

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