Giving Blood

I’m giving blood. Like right now. Seriously. As this gets posted, blood is running out of my arm and into a bag.

And I’m not even crying.

This is my second time. I should do it more, but a combination of laziness and irrationality generally conspire to keep my hemoglobin safe at home. I’m only here this time because my sister is starting a new running clinic to train for a half-marathon or some other form of craziness, and she asked me if I wanted to take her time slot.

But I’m glad I’m here.

Have you ever given blood? Do you do it often?

P.S. Lookit my arm!

8 thoughts on “Giving Blood”

  1. I give blood a couple times per year, whenever a drive is organised at my school. Personally, I think the worst part is getting your finger pricked for the hemoglobin-density test. On the bright side, I've never suffered any side effects afterward. And the /best/ part is walking around with the bandage on for the rest of the day, high-fiving other donors and feeling superior to everyone else.

  2. I used to give blood often because I worked in a hospital and it was convenient (I even had a nifty lil' card that made the process faster), but I had to stop because my doctor told me I was anemic. But, needles nor pain ever bothered me much.

  3. Awesome Tim! I've donated … 18 times i think. I tend to have 'White-Coat Anxiety' though. So my pulse could be normal sitting in the car outside the clinic, I walk in and when they check my pulse its up around 100. Pain in the neck. But yeah, once I do get stabbed, the bag is full in about 5 minutes.

    B+ represent!

  4. I give blood every 12 weeks. The haemoglobin test is the worst part, but I really hate needles, so that comes a close second =)

    I started a few years ago when I was asked by a Red Cross guy on the street if I'd like to. I couldn't think of any reason why not, so I've been doing it ever since.

    I get a free milkshake afterwards too, so that makes it all worth it!

  5. I give blood as often as I can, however my blood doesn't want to leave my body. I'm fine with the needles, its just the blood doesn't like to go into them. In the last year I have gone in to donate blood 7-8 times and have only managed it one and a half times. To get the blood out someone need to stand next to me and giggle the needle around to keep the blood moving, I'm not going to lie, its not pleasant. I keep going back because my Dad once needed 8 units of blood at once, without it he would have died.

    I am A+ which I like to tell people is my average grade when they see my blood donor key ring.

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