Home Improvement: Pressure Washing

Every weekend I’m making a little bit of home improvement¬†progress.

This weekend’s main task was garage-related. We borrowed a pressure washer from some friends at church and I spent hours in the garage spraying down the floor. The garage floor started out tinted red all over from some kind of rust or copper or something… I still don’t know what the red stuff is/was, but it’s mostly gone now!

There’s also a lot of concrete dripping and plaster all over the floor, and I was able to spray off a bit of that, but to get rid of all of it I’m going to need some kind of heavy equipment to chisel it up, I think.

So the garage floor still looks kind of gross, but at least it looks more of a normal colour now!

Today I’m hoping to hang a shelf in the laundry room and put up a new towel rack in the bathroom.

We’ll see what I get done next weekend. Lots to do, lots to do…

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