League of Married Gentlemen: Productivity Would Be the Lamest Power

It’s possible I’ve come across a lead in my quest to uncover the powers granted to me by my recently acquired wedding ring, but I’m actually kind of hoping I haven’t, because if I have, then my power is super lame.

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You see, so far today I have

  1. Restrung my acoustic guitar,
  2. Prepared the powerpoint file with the lyrics for worship in church tomorrow,
  3. Marked a final exam,
  4. Brought out the compost, and
  5. Written this blog post.

I also intend to do an initial analytical pass through one of the interviews for my thesis research. Coding is fun!

As far as I’m concerned, that list makes this a decently productive kind of day.

Maybe productivity is one of the abilities granted to me by my new wedding ring. I’ll have to do some searching through the League of Married Gentlemen’s databases and see if anyone has ever been granted increases to productivity before. Seems kind of mundane for a ring power, but who am I to judge?

If it is my ring power, it’s only showing up in brief spurts, here and there. I’ll have to put some work into harnessing it. There’s all kinds of potential for irony in that scenario…

5 thoughts on “League of Married Gentlemen: Productivity Would Be the Lamest Power”

  1. Could the increased productivity be due to the your newly acquired ring having come with a wife, who might nicely remind you of stuff that needs to be done?

  2. When my husband joined the League of Married Gentlemen (I love that name, btw), he discovered that there was more time to do productive things because the share of tending house was now shared by two. So rather than being a power, I think it is more of a side effect.

    Or, like me who is in the League of Single Women, you could just randomly have spurts of productivity that allow you to have extra time at the lake communing with turtles (or wherever your happy place is).

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