League of Married Gentlemen: Reflexes

Who would have thought, at this point, that I might come across a lead for such a mainstream power as heightened reflexes?

I’ve been trying for almost five months to find out what special abilities have been locked away in my wedding ring. As time has passed, I’ve been getting more and more antsy, trying to figure out where I will fit in to the esteemed League of Married Gentlemen. Every time I think I’ve uncovered a clue, it turns out to be nothing.

Maybe not this time!

Yesterday was the first day of the new ball hockey season. On Mondays a bunch of guys from church and some of our friends gather in a small gym to do battle. After a long summer of inadequate exercise, I had a tough time catching my breath, and I was huffing and puffing after only a few shifts. That’ll get better in a week or two, though.

Image from cheezburger.com.

At one point in the game, though, I was back-checking and stepped on the blade of an opposing player’s stick. My feet were taken out from under me and I spun through the air, landing completely unharmed on my side. (Well, I was a tad winded, but that was as much psychological as physical, I think; I was startled!)

What I took out of that event was that in a moment of extreme danger, some kind of cat-like reflexes saved me from landing on my head, which would have been certain doom. Now all I have to do in order to confirm my danger-induced super reflexes is jump off the stairs around the back of our apartment. My instincts will kick in, I’ll land on my hands and feet, and the newest Super Husband will join the fold!

Wish me luck.

Ok, I got scared and didn’t do it.

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