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League of Married Gentlemen: Dead Animal Powers

Last weekend, my wife and I travelled to Nanaimo to visit with my parents. During that trip I observed some things that may suggest a new affinity for dead animals. Could this be the new power my wedding ring is granting me?

This brave little guy (or girl) hung on at speeds over 100 km/h!

The first clue was when we got in the car and noticed that a ladybug had landed on the windshield. As we pulled out, it hung on. I wanted to see how long it would stay, so I kept my eye on it during the drive.

Several minutes later, we made it to the highway, and before long we encountered our first roadkill. Then we found some more. And some more. Over the course of the ninety-minute drive we spotted at least four separate instances of roadkill, at least two-and-a-half of which were raccoons. (The rest were unidentifiable).

During the drive, I kept peeking at our ladybug friend, and he (or she?) was doing great, holding on for dear life at speeds of over 100 km/h. I was really impressed.

Turned out he (or she) just got stuck and died.

Until we arrived and got out of the car, and I approached him for congratulations and a photo op and discovered that he was dead.

Based on these experiences, I’m wondering if the power of my ring might not be related to animal death. That could be interesting. A little weird, though. What would it allow me to do? Maybe talk to animal ghosts? Avenge them? See their deaths before they happen?

It’s intriguing, for sure. Not necessarily my first choice, but I’m going to keep this avenue of exploration open.

Of course, our trip involved plenty of still-living animals, too, so maybe it’s just an animal thing in general, and isn’t related to their “life status.”

Kitties and duckies and Larissa!

I’m not sure about any of this yet. Time–and alert observation–will tell.