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Katherine Marie: An Acrostic Poem

The Special People IndieGoGo fundraiser campaign has reached $650, on its way to the $1,000 goal!

One of the perks you can receive for donating is that I’ll write an acrostic poem based on your name. Here’s the acrostic poem I wrote for Katherine Marie:


King-killer Katherine
Announced, “I’m now Queen! I’m
Terrific, fantastic,
Heroic, and keen!
Evict all your monarchs, your
Royals; they’re pointless.
I’m taking things over
Name me your new

Millions of people, the whole wide world over,
Announced their allegiance, and how they adored her. But
Ruling them turned out to be rather
Irksome, so Katherine
Erased their minds and released them


You, too, could have an acrostic poem written about you, if you back the project to the tune of $35 or more!

March Grocery Fund Update

As I write this, the Grocery Fund for March sits at $69.63, pretty far short of its $300 goal. That’s quite a drop off, considering that we reached the goal in both January and February, but there are a couple of reasons not to panic!

1) The Special People IndieGoGo campaign has been running this month (and will still be going next month), so I’ve been directing people’s attention towards that quite a bit. Some funds that might have been used to buy things from the Store or left as donations have gone towards the fundraiser, instead, and that’s great!

2) I’m not counting in-person sales/preorders of DISCOVERY towards the Grocery Fund until I receive payment for them. The books haven’t arrived yet, but they should be hitting my doorstep in the next couple of days. Once I start putting them into people’s hands and getting paid for them, those sales will get counted towards the Grocery Fund. They’ll probably get counted towards April instead of March, though.

Thank you to everyone who has been chipping in, whether that’s to the Grocery Fund or the Special People fundraiser. We’re still only in the third month of this crazy ride, so there are plenty of good things to come, and lots of growth to go through!

Edit: As of March 30, some unanticipated generosity has pushed us much closer to the $300 goal. Hooray, and thank you!