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Katherine Marie: An Acrostic Poem

The Special People IndieGoGo fundraiser campaign has reached $650, on its way to the $1,000 goal!

One of the perks you can receive for donating is that I’ll write an acrostic poem based on your name. Here’s the acrostic poem I wrote for Katherine Marie:


King-killer Katherine
Announced, “I’m now Queen! I’m
Terrific, fantastic,
Heroic, and keen!
Evict all your monarchs, your
Royals; they’re pointless.
I’m taking things over
Name me your new

Millions of people, the whole wide world over,
Announced their allegiance, and how they adored her. But
Ruling them turned out to be rather
Irksome, so Katherine
Erased their minds and released them


You, too, could have an acrostic poem written about you, if you back the project to the tune of $35 or more!

Special People Crowdfunded Comic

Today I’m kicking off an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund a Special People comic!

Since I started working on Special People, I’ve been imagining all kinds of awesome ways to expand the “franchise” into other forms of media. Videos, art, comics… I want to do it all.

But it has to start somewhere, and I want that somewhere to be a professionally illustrated 8-page comic. To get this comic made, we need to raise $1,000. I’m setting the deadline for about two months from now, which will hopefully allow enough time to have the comic ready to be posted on the site during the month of July.

Watch the video to get more details about where the money will go and what cool perks are available if you support the project.

Here’s the link that you can copy/paste around the web:

Please share the link to the campaign around, tell your friends, and if you have a few dollars to spare, chip in however you can!

Thanks everyone.