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Oracle’s Elixir Update

I’ve been continuing to grow my involvement in analysis and reporting of professional League of Legends, both through my stats tracking on OraclesElixir.com and written articles at GoldPer10.com.

I’ve hit some pretty cool milestones along the way, like:

  • Having my work be featured on the Taiwanese league‘s broadcast
  • Being followed on Twitter by some pretty prominent figures
  • Having my site referenced in multiple articles by some top writers
  • Networking with a lot of great people

There are ups and downs along the way, but I’m having a lot of fun and doing some cool things. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!

eSports Pundit

I’m a man of many hobbies, and lately I’ve been having some success writing about competitive League of Legends and reporting on pro player statistics.

I set up a blog called Oracle’s Elixir, a reference to an old item from the game, and I’ve been using it to share various stats that I’ve tracked and calculated for the North American League Championship Series. I’ve also written several long-form articles and posted them to other sites, including a self-publishing eSports platform called Goldper10.

So far my five best articles have totaled over 165,000 page views combined.

I’m having a lot of fun with this, and I want to start covering Europe next season as well, so we’ll how long the momentum keeps rolling!

My Lowly LoL Ladder Climb

Larissa and the boys have been in BC since Thursday, so in the meantime I’ve been spending a fair amount of my home-alone time honing my skills in League of Legends.

I have played 27 “ranked” games since they left, with a record of 15 wins and 12 losses. That record looked a lot worse before I went on a recent 7-game winning streak!

I told Larissa before she left that my goal was to climb the ladder from the Silver V league into the Gold V league. I may not make it, but one more good win streak should have me in Silver III at least.

I’ve been having recent success playing the AD Carry and Jungle roles. In the Jungle, I was playing a bit of Amumu, who has decent ganks and awesome team-fight presence, especially once he gets his ultimate. But then I went back to an old favourite, Elise, who I used to play in the top lane when she first came out. She’s much better as a jungler, especially in the early game. I’ve been invading the enemy jungler early and trying to steal their second buff or get an early kill, with mixed success, but I’m learning some of the common mistakes to avoid on those early invades.

As an AD Carry, my greatest success has come with Sivir recently. I’ve won 5 out of 6 games with her in the past couple of days, by shoving the lane really hard early. Before picking Sivir back up, I was playing a lot of Corki, too.

Other champions I’ve been playing lately include Shen in top lane, Braum and Sona as support, and Lissandra and Ryze in mid. My champion pool in mid lane is really weak, though, so I need to find something new there. I’m thinking of picking up Syndra or Ziggs.