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What If Our Baby Becomes a Ninja?

Some day, there is a good chance that precious little baby growing inside Larissa could grow up to be a ninja. Talk about a career that could produce some mixed feelings in a parent!

On the one hand, having a ninja for a son could be really cool. Think of all the benefits! I’d never have to worry about my personal security, for one. I wouldn’t have to stress about my son being killed in any kind of accident, either, because of his ninja reflexes. Plus we’d definitely be the most popular parents on the block. Everyone wants to be on a ninja’s good side, so they’d probably bring us all kinds of presents, like gift cards to fancy restaurants and stuff.

On the other hand, how would we teach him that children are to be seen and not heard? He’d more likely be unseen, unheard, unsmelled… just generally undetected. Hard to show off your son to his grandparents when you have no idea where he’s hiding. On top of that, it’s hard to know how stable ninjahood is as a career choice. I don’t have much personal knowledge of it, but I assume you have to work on contract, and that can be difficult. What happens during a recession, or if there’s a decline in ninja demand? Is there a ninja union? Do ninjas get recognized for employment insurance? What kinds of pensions can they get?

It could be really interesting if our baby grows up to be a ninja, but I think I have some research to do before I’ll be entirely comfortable with it.

What If Our Baby Becomes a Master Chef?

Larissa and I are really excited to become parents, and, Lord willing, we will be, come early April 2012. As a way to celebrate our anticipation, I’m going to write a series of blog posts about who our first child might become. We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl, so I’m going to alternate between posts.

What if our baby grows up to be a master chef?

As our budding restaurateur familiarizes herself with our kitchen, it’s likely there will be a few cuts and a burn or two. We’d better make sure to keep some bandaids and balms handy, just in case. And I expect it will be important to practice suppressing our gag reflexes for the inevitable disastrous flavour combos we’ll have to endure as the primary guinea pigs for our daughter’s culinary experimentation.

Think of the payoff, though! I can’t wait to get free meals at our little girl’s fancy restaurant, and see the looks on all the other guests’ faces as they enjoy their food. We’ll be so proud, and we’ll tell everyone we know to go and try our daughter’s signature dish, whatever that turns out to be.

It will be really awesome if our baby grows up to be a master chef. I can’t wait to watch it happen!