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My Authorial State of Being

What have I been up to lately? My blog hasn’t been very revealing on that front, so here’s an attempt to shed some light on my current authorial state of being.

You may have noticed that my fiction output has dropped off dramatically over the past couple of months. There are multiple reasons for that. Losing Freight ended, I completed Year Three of Fifty-Word Stories, and I took a break from the Year of Stories to recharge my batteries. Basically, the natural endings of a couple of projects coincided with some creative burnout. Any reasonable person could have seen that coming, probably: writing 12 unique posts per week (averaging over 8,000 words) across four different “franchises”, while also trying to make headway on my novel, was way too much.

I think I can improve on my current output (I’m only working actively on Special People right now), but by the time I’m ready to ramp things up again, some life circumstances may change, and the time I have available for writing may be diminished. So I don’t want to make any promises or predictions about timelines on different projects, but I do want to assure people that I intend to finish off the Year of Stories eventually, and put together Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Three, and do enough rewrites/tweaks to Losing Freight and the early Special People story arcs to make them publishable, and…

Yeah. See my problem?

I’ve also been podcasting every week (and then every other week, except for some recent inconsistencies), but I think it’s time to put that little side project to rest. The effort-to-audience ratio isn’t high enough to justify it right now.

I want to thank everyone for their support and patience while I try to get some of the big items on my to-do list checked off. I hope you’re enjoying the new Special People content I put out twice a week, and as soon as I’m able to start getting more new stories out to you, I intend to do so. Until then, I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated on my progress towards the various releases I’m working on.

Year of Stories Week 4

A new short story every Monday of 2012.Welcome to week 4 of the Year of Stories!

Free this week is A Kingdom of White. This 4,900-word epic fantasy tale is now available to read for free or to buy in the Store. Here’s the synopsis:

Filip has always worn the purple gem set between his eyes with pride: it marks him as royalty, next in line to the throne. But when the brutish Carrow, whose face shimmers with the gems that symbolize every man he has killed, executes Filip’s father right in front of him, Filip is forced to decide what he values more: his royal birthright, or his life.

The highlighted Store release for this week is Memoirs of the Model Agent: How I Rescued Mr. Dimbles. This sci-fi action comedy is about 2,100 words long. Read it now for only $0.99! Here’s a teaser:

You probably know me from the ad campaigns. I’ve been the face of the Chancellorate’s Security Forces for two or three years, now. “The Model Agent,” they call me. I’ve decided to share a few of the stories that haven’t been told about me before. I’m not calling anyone a liar; I’m not here to “set the records straight.” I just want to be represented on my own terms. I want to balance the scales a little, so you can see the bad with the good. Why don’t I start near the beginning?

To read previously released stories, check out the Year of Stories page.

YoS January Collection and Single Stories in the Kindle Store

I’ve been writing like a madman over the past several weeks, and really stocking up the backlogs on my various projects, including the Year of Stories. So I figured, if I have the stories ready this far in advance, why not make them available for purchase this much sooner, too?

To that end, I’ve assembled the first Year of Stories monthly collection and posted it to the Kindle Store and the TScom Store for only $2.99. Buying all of the five stories separately, you’d pay almost $5, so with this collection you’re basically getting 40% off!

The month of January contains five Mondays, so the January collection has five stories. They are Discovery TwoDiana and the Animal, Burns Mar the Sun-Grasper’s Hands, A Kingdom of White, and Memoirs of the Model Agent: How I Rescued Mr. Dimbles. Click through to the product pages to read synopses and get more information about each one.

A lot of people like to buy their ebooks from Amazon, through the Kindle Store. It’s a great platform: you have all the convenience of buying through Amazon, and you can read on your Kindle or on any smartphone, tablet, or even computer, through their free apps. Plus they store everything in the Cloud. The future is pretty neat.

I want my stories to be as conveniently available to those people as possible, so from now on I’m going to be releasing my stories for Kindle at the same time that I put them in my own Store. I’m playing catch-up right now, for the individual stories: here are Discovery Two, Diana and the Animal, and Burns Mar the Sun-Grasper’s Hands.