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BECOMING Now Shipping

I received a package in the mail today, and lo and behold, it contained 20 copies of my new book, BECOMING!

I’ll be shipping those out to everyone who’s ordered one over the next few days. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, get on it! They’re only $11.99 in my Store, and if you get BECOMING along with its predecessor, DISCOVERY, you can save a lot on the combined shipping.

Between BECOMING, various Special People projects, the nearly-finished Losing Freight, and the novel I’m still hoping to finish soon, this is turning into a really big summer!

Podcast: Happy Friday 018

Happy Friday! Here’s episode 18 of my podcast.

(Sorry for the poor audio quality this week. My headset failed to work because of user error: I forgot to plug it in to my laptop before recording!)

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Show Notes

0:01 Introduction.

0:50 50-Word Stories: Submissions, possible upcoming contest.

2:49 Losing Freight: Approaching the climax.

4:50 Special People: Comic progress, Hide and Seek.

8:06 Year of Stories: June, Quarter 2, and taking a break.

15:29 Discussion of Captain Blackbird and the Kraken and No Work, No Money, No Food.

21:05 Q&A: Questions from @Ocelorean and @OddModlin.

32:32 Sign-off.


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Year of Stories – Week 20 part 2

Leon the dragon returns today, in his second story.

Leon is a happy little fire-breathing dragon, but there’s so much about the world that he doesn’t know. When he makes a new friend, he learns that the world is much bigger than he ever thought, and it’s filled with all kinds of interesting people!

Read the story, and remember to check out Tally Heilke’s Etsy store to get your hands on hand-crafted versions of the characters!